ReconCoReconnaissance Company (US Navy)
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(21.) See the following cases where financing arrangements and inventory were considered in the amount of capitalization: Jacobson v Buffalo Rock Shooters Supply, Inc, 278 Ill App 3d 1084, 1089-1090, 664 NE2d 328, 332 (3d D 1996) (inventory and equipment considered); Bankers Trust Co v Chicago Title & Trust Co, 89 Ill App 3d 1014, 1020, 412 NE2d 660, 664-65(1st D 1980) (successful refinancing considered); Gallagher v Reconco Builders, Inc, 91 Ill App 3d 999, 1006, 415 NE2d 560, 564-65 (1st D 1980) (no credit line is a factor in inadequate capitalization).
Reconco Builders, Inc.), inadequate capitalization was found to be a major factor supporting piercing of the corporate veil.