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RFCRequest For Comment
RFCRugby Football Club
RFCRoyal Flying Corps (now RAF)
RFCReference Concentration
RFCRegistered Financial Consultant (IARFC)
RFCRemote Function Call
RFCRiver Forecast Center
RFCResidual Functional Capacity (disability assessment)
RFCResident Foreign Currency
RFCRamoji Film City (India)
RFCRequest For Change
RFCReconstruction Finance Corporation
RFCReady for Commissioning
RFCRegistro Federal de Contribuyentes
RFCRow Refresh Cycle
RFCRf Daughter Card
RFCResponse for a Class
RFCRequest for Comments
RFCRepetitive Flood Claims
RFCRemote File Communication
RFCRobinson Film Center (Shreveport, LA)
RFCRadio Free Charleston (West Virginia)
RFCRangers Football Club (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
RFCResidential Funding Company (various locations)
RFCReading Football Club
RFCRemote Flow Control
RFCRadiowealth Finance Company (Mandaluyong, Philippines)
RFCResidential Funding Corporation
RFCReplication Fork Collapse (cell biology)
RFCRecycling for Charities (Boulder, CO)
RFCRegenerative Fuel Cell
RFCRosenberg Fund for Children
RFCRequest for Clarification
RFCRun for Cover
RFCReason For Change
RFCRacers for Christ (Gilbert, AZ)
RFCRichmond Football Club
RFCRelief for Cause
RFCRadio Free Chicago (Chicago, IL)
RFCResponse for A Class (coupling metric)
RFCRunning from Cops
RFCRageFire Chasm (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RFCResidential Finance Corporation (various locations)
RFCResponse Force Commander (US DoD)
RFCRegional Field Coordinator (various organizations)
RFCRequest for Contract
RFCRadio Frequency Choke (inductor)
RFCRegional Financial Center
RFCReturn for Credit
RFCRemote Field Controller
RFCRepublicans for Choice (Alexandria, VA)
RFCRequest for Credit (finance)
RFCRadio Free Cruze (online radio)
RFCRetirement for Cause
RFCReal Fighting Championships
RFCRequest for Capabilities
RFCRayleigh Fading Channel
RFCRequest for Communication
RFCRurban Financial Corp. (Defiance, OH)
RFCResources for Families and Communities (San Jose, CA)
RFCRequest for Check
RFCRochdale Football Club
RFCRemote Feature Control
RFCRecursive Flow Classification (algorithm)
RFCRefractivity from Clutter
RFCRenewable Fuels Commission (Michigan)
RFCRequest for Cross (finance/investing)
RFCRequest for Conformity
RFCRequest for Commands
RFCRadio Frequency Control
RFCRelease For Construction
RFCRecirculation Flow Control (power plant system)
RFCRealities for Children (Fort Collins, CO)
RFCRadar Final Control
RFCRician Fading Channel
RFCRequest for Commitment
RFCResponse Set for Class
RFCReference Exposure Concentration
RFCReconnaissance Fire Complex
RFCRadnor Fire Company (Wayne, PA)
RFCRoll Feed Controller
RFCRing Final Circuit
RFCRadio Frequency Cabinet
RFCRotary Fluid Coupler
RFCRapidly-Fading Channel
RFCResponse Flow Checklist
RFCRepresentation Fund Custodian (US Army)
RFCReconfigurable Functional Cache
RFCRadial Final Circuit
RFCRefrigerant Flow Control
RFCResponse Flow Chart
RFCRussian Family Code
RFCRocky Flats Control (number)
RFCRequired Functional Capability
RFCReserve Forces Course
RFCRequired Flow Capacity (road/traffic management)
RFCReturned For Corrections
RFCRevised for Construction
RFCRecques Football Club (Recques-sur-Hem, France)
RFCRenauphiles Franc-Comtois (French automobile club)
RFCReynaissance Family Center (Vallejo, CA)
RFCRituximab, Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy regimen)
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Having determined that private bankers were either unable or unwilling to make loans to businesses that needed credit, Hoover decided that the government-created Reconstruction Finance Corporation should perform this essential function by lending directly to the real economy.
On Saturday, July 9, the day the Senate passed the Wagner-Garner bill, Hamlin phoned Senator Glass to "express his disapproval of the power granted in the Relief Bill to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to make loans to individuals." (166) He further suggested that "if such a power were...
To deal with the credit crisis, President Hoover signed legislation near the end of his term in office in 1932 creating the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC).
Thus, just as the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was socialising rail securities and becoming a major public creditor for railways--thereby allowing financial institutions to remove devalued assets from their portfolios--those same private financial institutions were moving their freed-up capital into government securities, the safest of investments.
The shock-and-propagation approach to understanding the origins and transmission of banking crises also implies that regulatory policy and policy interventions that are targeted to respond to the shocks buffeting banks (like the bank rccapitalizations recently employed by the G7 countries) can be used very effectively to offset the harmful macroeconomic consequences of shocks to banks' balance sheets, just as the Reconstruction Finance Corporation's preferred stock purchases helped to stabilize the banking sector and restart the flow of credit after 1933.
The Effects of' Reconstruction Finance Corporation Assistance to Banks During the Great Depression," Journal of Financial Services Research 20, 2001, pp.
At present he is studying the performance of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1932-1933 and federal income tax policy in the 1920s.
Officially Cohen was in the Public Works Administration,Corcoran at the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. In fact, they worked on everything.
Saving Capitalism: The Reconstruction Finance Corporation and the New Deal, 1933-1940 James Olson believes that historians have underestimated the role of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RCF) in New Deal economic policy and with this book attempts to set the record straight.
The first two chapters draw heavily on Olson's previous work, Herbert Hoover and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1931-1933 (1977) and cover the first year of RFC operations.
But it appears to me that the Federal Reserve was taking something of a conservative stand, given the temper of Congress, which was willing to authorize the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to undertake some of the actions for which the Federal Reserve might have secured permission, if it had aggressively sought it.
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