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Energy-efficient hybrid ventilation systems that include natural ventilation control and mechanical ventilation control, such as air-side economizer control, demand control, and heat recovery control, have become more important for buildings in attempting to achieve net-zero energy.
* Refinery: Amine Sweetening; Ammonia/H2S/Phenol in Sour Water; Oil in Water; Claus Sulphur Recovery Control
Marina Martinez, "Model predictive control-based efficient energy recovery control strategy for regenerative braking system of hybrid electric bus", Energy Convers.
Make sure the energy recovery control algorithms support free cooling.
Meanwhile, it can carry on the recovery control of spiral autonomously according to the actual dynamic of spiral.
Basic energy recovery control strategies vary from constant operation, to fixed or differential setpoints.
In 2007, the job of arresting gear operators became a bit easier when the Navy introduced the Advanced Recovery Control (ARC) system aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), during a scheduled maintenance period.
In the Atlas Copco ZR oil-free screw compressor range with energy recovery control, the energy savings potential equates annually to 200 to 2500 tonnes of [CO.sup.2] or [pounds sterling]35,000 to [pounds sterling]480,000 of electricity, gas or heating oil.
Lighting consumption can be controlled in order to take advantage of day lighting (see section "Light control"), while energy consumption required for fresh air flow heating can be reduced either by controlling the fresh air flow (see section "Fresh air flow control") or by performing heat recovery (see section "Heat recovery control").
The model contains the transmitter (to introduce timing errors to test the receiver timing recovery control loop); a channel (which adds Doppler shift to test the receiver carrier tracking loop); a receiver; and measurement visualization subsystems.
Meanwhile, Kans and Kandy is leasing its former wholesale head office in Monkton, Jarrow, to the NHS for a potential three-fold use as a recovery control room for the region, as a centre for an emergency planning team and as an ambulance station.
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