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RDWRed Wing (Amtrak station code; Red Wing, MN)
RDWRecht Der Wirtschaft (German: Law of the Economy)
RDWRed Cell Distribution Width
RDWRed Cell Distribution
RDWRed Deck Wins
RDWRetail Data Warehouse
RDWReal Debate Wisconsin (political blog)
RDWRecord Descriptor Word
RDWRijks Dienst Wegverkeer (Dutch)
RDWRadio Dunkle Welle (Internet radio)
RDWRetek Data Warehouse
RDWRequest for Deviation/Waiver
RDWRapid Development Workshop
RDWRegistered Dock Worker
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AS: ankylosing spondylitis; ROC: receiver operator characteristics; RDW: red cell distribution width; MPV: mean platelets volume; AUC: area under curve; CI: confidence interval; PPV: positive predictive value; NPV: negative predictive value.
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RBC: Red cell count WBC: White blood cell MCV: Mean cell volume MCH: Mean cell haemoglobin MCHC: Mean cell haemoglobin concentration RDW: Red cell distribution width. Ethical Approval
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