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RGRadio Grade (as in RG-11 coaxial cable)
RGRange (Canada Post road designation)
RGReally Good
RGReading (postcode, United Kingdom)
RGRhythmic Gymnastics (sport)
RGRegulatory Guide
RGRio Grande (railroad; river)
RGResidential Gateway
RGRive Gauche (French: Left Bank)
RGRed Green
RGRight Guard (football)
RGRechnung (German: Invoice)
RGVarig (Brazilian South Airways)
RGRenseignements Generaux (French Investigation Bureau)
RGRasGas (Qatar)
RGRock Guitar
RGRupert Grint (actor)
RGRate Gyro (gyroscope)
RGRoentgenium (element)
RGReal Girl
RGRold Gold (food brand)
RGRoyal Gibraltar Regiment (UK)
RGRate Group
RGRegister-Guard (Eugene, OR newspaper)
RGRadius of Gyration
RGRagusa, Sicilia (Italian province)
RGRadio Guide (cable designator)
RGRegistro Geral (General Register, Brazilian ID card)
RGRamat Gan (Israel)
RGRyan Giggs (soccer player)
RGRepublican Guard (Iraq; military)
RGRetractable Gear
RGRing Gear (automotive)
RGReduction Gear
RGRegional Gathering (Mensa's regional group annual meeting)
RGRes Gestae (Latin: Accompishments, epigraphy)
RGRail Gun (Quake weaponry)
RGUniversity of Rio Grande (Rio Grande, Ohio)
RGRegistered Geologist (Missouri registration for professional geologist)
RGRegular Guys (radio show)
RGRiveted Plate Girder (engineering)
RGRio Group
RGReceiver Group
RGRemote Gateway
RGReliability Growth
RGReconnaissance Group
RGRandom Glucose
RGRed Guards (Chinese cultural revolution)
RGReadiness Group
RGReconstitution Group (US DoD)
RGReactor Grade (plutonium)
RGRights Working Group
RGRules Girl (from "The Rules" books)
RGRough Grade (construction)
RGRate of Germination
RGRe-Gummed (philately)
RGRadio Direction Finding Station
RGReserve Grade
RGRoving Guns (gaming clan)
RGRecommended Gear
RGRelational Geometry
RGRobbins-Gioia Inc (program management company)
RGReports Generator
RGRapid Gaming
RGReach Guide (baseball)
RGRisk Guideline
RGRail Garrison
RGRevalor G (cattle hormone)
RGRatchetGamers (Ratchet and Clank forum)
RGRenormalizaton Group
RGRamped Gradient
RGRenegade Gunners (gaming clan)
RGUS Revenue Silver Tax (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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VOGEL: How'd we get from the Canadian federal elections to the (ever-popular) Red Green Show so darn fast?
VOGEL: The Red Green Show is sort of a cross between Toronto's Second City comedy and All in the Family.
In Canada, "Red Green" is a cornerstone on pubcaster CBC and in syndication on the Comedy Network, with title character Red Green having become such a cultural icon that Smith, the show's star and co-creator (with Rick Green) recently received prestigious civilian honor the Order of Canada.
"Red Green" gets more than 1,500 syndicated runs pet' month on 85 PBS affiliates, and Americans make the trek North to fill out studio auds.
Smith wants to get out before "Red Green" "jumps the shark," he says, referring to the Web site that chronicles the point at which TV shows start to sag.
Patrick McKenna, who plays Harold on The Red Green Show, is not surprised.
They say they want a Red Green hat or T-shirt, so we make them, we sell them, and people say, boy that was lucky, but no, not really.
Red Green Show Andy Jakobschuk, Carte Blanche Licensing Corporation
About two posts later, we were wall to wall in Red Green.
something absolutely has to be Canadian, then I do it." But there is no mindful effort to make Red Green Canadian or non--Canadian.
TVA International, the distribution company behind Duct Tape Forever has received a boost from 3M, which was part of the financing package, and then there is the Red Green line of duct tape they put out.
Other red greens include mustard, Belgian endive, salad savoy (ornamental kale), and radicchio (round heads of chioggia or less common elongated trevisano).