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COMMUNITY FEARS: Cordyce School was ravaged by fire in 2017 and the council is trying to redesignate the land for homes
The alternative would have been to simply redesignate Air Force Logistics Command as Air Force Materiel Command, since the emblem of one was to be the emblem of the other.
Although A may not have technically redesignated the IRA as her own, she did not need to "redesignate" it, because the IRA was her previously existing account.
Under the new proposal, PeaceHealth wants the city to redesignate 66 acres of the residential land to commercial.
But the main hopes hinged on persuading the cross-community Alliance Party to redesignate themselves as unionists to give Trimble and Durkan the majority they need in a fresh vote.
Then, the controller surmises, Multico could redesignate the forward sale contract as a hedge of the dividend receivable.
Welfare Minister Freud So a town hall could not redesignate all its twobed homes as onebeds, for example.
I AM writing regarding serious concerns over the proposal to redesignate Corley Centre to close residential education.
17 council meeting to send two requests by developer First Urban back to planning committee so that it could further debate the developer's request to redesignate two parcels of land in the Cainsville area.
The method is to redesignate colleges as universities, in an attempt to admit greater numbers on lowered exam standards.
The taxpayer cannot decide later that tax savings are needed for the current year and redesignate the contributions to a regular Sec.