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REDSRetrovirus Epidemiology Donor Study
REDSRural Education for Development Society (India)
REDSReal Estate Direct Sales (international network; Austria)
REDSReal-time Execution Decision Support System
REDSRagpickers Education and Development Scheme (India)
REDSReactor Electric Distribution System
REDSRural Economic Development Strategy (Indiana)
REDSRetail Electronic Delivery System
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But to-night I'm Number 27 of the 'Frisco Reds. Come on now, and I'll get you out of this."
The only fear they entertain of attack is from the green Martians or some demented red man, as all Barsoomians realize that the very existence of every form of life of Mars is dependent upon the uninterrupted working of this plant.
In the little room but two could engage him at once, but so fiercely did his blade swing and so surely did he thrust that in a bare moment The Black Wolf lay dead upon the floor and the red giant, Shandy, was badly though not fatally wounded.
The huntsman standing in the hollow moved and loosed his borzois, and Nicholas saw a queer, short-legged red fox with a fine brush going hard across the field.
A quarter of a mile along the bank stood a small, round house, painted bright red, and as it was on their side of the river they hurried toward it.
"Raise it a little to release the catch," cried one of the red men.
In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth; they were very clumsy, but it was a kind thought.
The two Queens looked at each other, and the Red Queen remarked, with a little shudder, 'She SAYS she only said "if"--'
"No red rose in all my garden!" he cried, and his beautiful eyes filled with tears.
On the fourteenth day I went into the kitchen, and I was surprised to find that the fronds of the red weed had grown right across the hole in the wall, turning the half-light of the place into a crimson-coloured obscurity.
Overhead it was a deep Indian red and starless, and south-eastward it grew brighter to a glowing scarlet where, cut by the horizon, lay the huge hull of the sun, red and motionless.
The author embarks with the patriarch, narrowly escapes shipwreck near the isle of Socotora; enters the Arabian Gulf, and the Red Sea.