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RISRadiology Information System
RISRegulatory Impact Statement
RISRepublik Indonesia Serikat (Indonesian: Republic of Indonesia)
RISRemote Installation Service (Microsoft Windows 2000)
RISRelease in Specific (US DoD)
RISRefugee and Immigration Services (various locations)
RISRuamrudee International School (Thailand)
RISRadio Interference Suppression
RISRiver Information Services
RISRaads Informatie Systeem (Dutch: Wire Information System)
RISResearch and Information System (India)
RISReduced Instruction Set
RISRemote Installation Server
RISRaster Image Set
RISResearch and Instructional Support
RISRecoverable in-Doubt Structure
RISRadio Information Service
RISRetail Information System
RISRemote Installation Service
RISRegulatory Issue Summary (various organizations)
RISRobotics Invention System (LEGO)
RISReviving the Islamic Spirit (conference)
RISRamsar Information Sheet (Ramsar Convention on Wetlands)
RISRaba Interneta v Sloveniji (Slovenian: Internet Research in Slovenia)
RISRail Interface System
RISRussian Imperial Stout
RISRainbow International School (Seoul, South Korea)
RISRegulatory Information Service
RISRegional Innovation Strategy (European Commission)
RISResearch and Instructional Support (various schools)
RISRetail Information Systems
RISRail Interface System (accessory mount on guns)
RISReview of Information Science
RISResearch Innovation Services (UK)
RISResonance Ionization Spectroscopy
RISRetroreflector In Space
RISRemote Information Service
RISRothberg International School (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
RISRedwood Inspection Service
RISRandom Interleaved Sampling
RISRetirement Income Specialist
RISReparti Investigazioni Scientifiche (Italy, Carabinieri)
RISRequest for Information Services
RISRange Instrumentation System
RISResearch Investment Strategy (Australia)
RISRaumbezogenes Informationssystem (German: Spacereferred information systems)
RISRich Internet Solutions (Netherlands)
RISRetirement and Insurance Service (a component of OPM)
RISRadio Investigation Service
RISRoosevelt Intermediate School (Westfield, NJ)
RISRecreation and Intramural Sports
RISRannsóknagagnasafn Íslands (Icelandic: Research Bank; database)
RISRadar Integration System
RISRelocation Information Services
RISReadiness Information System
RISRidgecrest Intermediate School
RISReinforced Insulated Sheath (Star Wars armor)
RISRepresentative Indicator Species (US EPA)
RISReceived in Swap
RISRobotique et Interactions (French: Robotics and Interactions; research group)
RISRomulan Imperial Ship (Star Trek)
RISRestricted Instructional Setting
RISRedundant Information Sector (COMPAQ)
RISRadar Interrogator Set (associated with joint surveillance system)
RISReport/ing Identification Symbol
RISRegulatory Information Specialist (US FDA)
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Pronounced "risk-five," RISC-V is defined as an open-source hardware instruction set architecture (ISA) employing established reduced instruction set computer (RISC) principles.
Further, on the basis of chip type, the high-end enterprise servers market is segmented into two major types namely complex instruction set computing (CISC) and reduced instruction set computing (RISC).
The 10,000mAh Detel power bank D10000 and 12,500mAh Detel power bank D12500 have reduced instruction set computer (RISC) microprocessor controlled for fast charging and enhanced battery life cycle.
He possesses extensive credentials in system software, networking, ARM (Reduced Instruction Set Computing - RISC) and Systems-on-Chips (SoC) architectures, as well as end-to-end (E2E) products.
(reduced instruction set computing- RISC) and systems-on-chips (SoC)
These are Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC).
"E+" is equipped with a RISC (reduced instruction set computer) microcontroller 32bit SH2 (SuperH), which is manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corporation.
The MLX91802 system has a 16-bit reduced instruction set computing (RISC)-based microcontroller and is ready to use with Melexis firmware, according to the company.
Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) -- the architectural basis for most high performance work stations and servers Thin-film heads -- for high-density disk storage devices
Support a mix execution engine (core),vector signal processing (VSP) and reduced instruction set computing (RISC);
Over 90% of tablet PCs and smartphones are installed with ARM processors, a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by the Cambridge-headquartered ARM Holdings, as entered into over 90% of tablet PCs and smartphones, whereby RISC ISA reduces energy-consumption by the chip and results in smaller than X86-architecture microprocessors..
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