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In this area, only 8 percent indicated that they would reenlist out of a sense of duty to their country; about 54 percent of the soldiers generally felt a sense of commitment to the Army and to the corrections field.
Consult your career counselor about 15 months before your end of active obligated service (EAOS) and fill out the paperwork to have the command submit a PTS application, regardless of your intentions to reenlist. For more details, read NAVADMIN 017/09 available on the NPC Website.
* Sailors who are eligible for combat zone tax exclusion (CZTE) and have an EAOS that falls in the current fiscal year are exempt from the 90-day policy and may reenlist early for SRB outside the 90-day window as long as they are eligible for CZTE at the time of reenlistment.
"Under old policy, a Sailor could reenlist anytime in the same fiscal year as their EAOS," explained Jeri Busch, head, military pay and compensation policy branch for the chief of naval personnel.
Sailors should consult their career counselors about 15 months before their end of active obligated service (EAOS) to fill out the paperwork to have the command submit a PTS application, regardless of their intentions to reenlist.
"PTS allows Sailors the opportunity to convert from an overmanned rating to an undermanned rating or reenlist in their current undermanned rating," said Senior Chief Personnel Specialist (SW/AW) Ron Miller, Navy Personnel Command, PTS coordinator.
Many are still allowed to reenlist within their rating.
"Sailors enlist, but families reenlist, and we haven't forgotten that."
The only way to fix the problem was to create a system in which Sailors compete for the opportunity to reenlist. If the rate is overmanned, then those Sailors who want to stay will be asked to take a look at other rates that aren't fully manned and then be provided the training opportunity to help them convert.
This will allow Sailors to bypass the "reenlist in rate" option.