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Ref1Restriction Factor 1 (human antiretroviral activity)
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Five key enzyme genes in the lignin pathway, for example, HCT, F5H, CAD, REF1, and POX, were upregulated in BH18, which maybe increase lignin biosynthesis to a high level, which can be further shown by histochemical properties and lignin concentrations in roots.
Three firms (EMF1, REF1, and REF2) conducted their own research to change public opinion on their key technologies.
Ref1 Yeh RW, Sidney S, Chandra M, Sorel MS, Elby JV, Go AS.
In Figure 4, for Ref1 (the driven monopole only), a wide impedance bandwidth is observed at the high band, covering two resonance points, 1900 MHz and 2300 MHz.
Stream Spring-flush (-k) Second-flush (-k) REF1 [0.0112.sup.A] [0.0144.sup.A] REF2 [0.0113.sup.A*] [0.0l68.sup.A] REF3 [0.0107.sup.A*] [0.0142.sup.A] DIST1 [0.0293.sup.B] [0.0457.sup.B] DIST2 [0.0226.sup.B*] [0.0320.sup.B,C] DIST3 [0.0391.sup.B] [0.0300.sup.C] Mean percent fiber, protein and fiber: protein in spring-flush (SPRING) and second-flush (SECOND) chestnut oak leaves before (Initial) and 2 mo after placement in reference (REF) and disturbed (DIST) streams at Coweeta.
The one-off costs are attributed to the ref1-caf color-pair where ref1 is the color of the first reference to demand the value of the CAF and where caf is the color of the CAF.
MAP kinase signaling is regulated by Trx1 and Grx1 and eventually activates the transcription factor AP1, which has two Cys residues in its DNA binding domain that are reduced by Trx1 via Ref1. The NF[kappa]B subunits p50 and p60 are kept in an inhibitory I[kappa]B/ NF[kappa]B-complex in the cytosol.