RegCMRegional Climate Model
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Compared with the previous studies of different versions of RegCM [23, 29-31], it is found that, for the simulation of winter precipitation center, RegCM4.5 is better than RegCM3.
It is found that the ability of RegCM4.5 to simulate precipitation and latent heat flux is significantly stronger than that of previous versions of RegCM. Some of the major conclusions are as follows:
In this respect, we compare the annual cycle of temperature and precipitation based on RegCM simulations forced with ERA40 reanalysis data with the corresponding annual cycle calculated from CRU TS2.10 land observation data set and from observations at 15 representative stations from Republic of Moldova.
The RegCM simulations (control and scenario runs) forced with the ECHAM GCM have been corrected against the systematic errors induced by the GCM.
The ICTP, Trieste, Italy, is acknowledged for providing RegCM and driving data.
Kurnaz, "Simulation of temperature and precipitation climatology for the Central Asia CORDEX domain using RegCM 4.0, " Climate Research, vol.
The cold bias using RegCM was already revealed in previous studies (e.g., [26-28]) and for the Vietnam [21].
The cold bias of RegCM model is again in agreement with Phan et al.
This fact can be associated with lower extratropical cyclones occurrence in the simulations using RegCM [16, 51].
Now, we analyze the air temperature and precipitation time series for Novi Sad obtained by the global ECHAM5 and regional RegCM models.
However, for more reliable conclusion that could be given we need to test outputs of many different GCM and RegCM models.
Systematic errors that regional models exhibit, including the RegCM in different regions, especially over tropical region, are due to a lack of fit in the physical parameterizations, especially in parameterizations of convective cumulus and precipitation in grid scale [11, 12].