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RALTRadar Altimeter (aircraft measurements)
RALTRadar Altitude
RALTReceptor Associated Late Transducer (feedback inhibitor)
RALTRadio Altitude
RALTRegardless of Altitude
RALTRepeat Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty
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A degraded or contaminated LOX or OBOGS system also could lead to hypoxia, even with the mask on, regardless of altitude. Read on for some physiologic conditions that can lead to mask-on hypoxia.
When a gun is fired in the atmosphere the air pressure is the same inside and outside the barrel and chamber regardless of altitude. Consequently, the surrounding air pressure has no effect on the ability of the barrel and chamber to handle the forces generated by firing.
Stratus ("layer" in Latin) are flat, featureless clouds that blanket the sky, regardless of altitude. Cumulus ("heap" or "pile") are the puffy, mashed potato-like clouds we are most accustomed to appreciating on a beautiful day.
Thunderstorms are an extreme hazard regardless of altitude. As is the case down low, the big danger of thunderstorms is what lurks inside or near towering cumulus clouds--hail, icing and extreme turbulence.
My assumption I when crossing another aircraft on final is that it may climb at any point for any reason, and in the absence of the other pilot telling me he or she has me in sight, I will always plan to pass well in front or behind, regardless of altitude.