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RRRelative Risk (medical/statistical)
RRRoad Runner
RRResource Record
RRRange Rover (Land Rover)
RRRoraima (Brazil)
RRRisk Ratio
RRRound Robin
RRRoad Rules (MTV show)
RRRoyal Rangers
RRRoyal Rangers (Christian boy's group sponsored by the Assemblies of God)
RRRapid Response (various organizations)
RRRules and Regulations
RRReligious Right
RRRight Rear
RRRanga Reddy (India)
RRRachael Ray (TV talkshow)
RRRecommendations and Reports (various organizations)
RRRapture Ready
RRRural Residential (zoning; various locations)
RRReading Recovery
RRRoyal Rumble (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)
RRRonald Reagan
RRResponse Rate
RRRhodesian Ridgeback (dog breed)
RRRussian Roulette
RRRomper Room (TV show)
RRResale Rights
RRRanch Road (Texas)
RRRate Ratio
RRRussian River (California)
RRRace Ready (motorcycles)
RRRegional Road (Canada)
RRRate of Return
RRRandy Rhoads (guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne)
RRRiesgo Relativo (Spanish: relative risk)
RRRacing Replica (Desmosedici Ducati bike)
RRRight, Right
RRRange Rate
RRRational Recovery (recovery program)
RRRoy Rogers
RRRural Route
RRRidge Runner
RRRace Relations
RRRuff Ryders (band)
RRRidge Racer (video game)
RRRed Rooster
RRRun Rate (cricket)
RRRock Ridge (Linux CD-Rom File System)
RRRolling Rock (beer)
RRWeb Reasoning and Rule Systems (conference)
RRRelapsing-Remitting (Multiple Sclerosis)
RRRescue Rangers (cartoon)
RRRumble Roses (game)
RRRecovery Room
RRReturn Result
RRReceiver Report (protocol)
RRRespiration Rate
RRRadio Relay
RRRegierungsrat (Austria, Europe)
RRRest Room
RRResource Room
RRRichie Rich
RRRed Rocket
RRRèglement des Radiocommunications (French: Radio Regulations; World Radiocommunication Conference; treaty)
RRRepetition Rate
RRRemove & Replace
RRRelative Rate
RRRegistered Representative
RRRebel Resistance (gaming)
RRRest and Relaxation
RRRibonucleotide Reductase
RRRadio Regulations (ITU)
RRRadio Resource
RRResistance Retribution (video game)
RRRespiratory Rates
RRRural Road
RRResponse and Recovery
RRRoute Reflector
RRRadio Rumantsch (Romansh Radio, Switzerland)
RRRashtriya Rifles
RRRocky Raccoon (Beatles song)
RRReady Reserve
RRRandom Ramblings
RRRetired Reserve
RRRanger Rick
RRReliability Run
RRRecoilless Rifle
RRReserve Ratio (finance)
RRReceive Ready
RRRequirements Review
RRRecovery Repair
RRRemediation and Redevelopment (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
RRReadiness Review
RRReady Room (gaming, Natural Selection)
RRRemote Registry
RRRoom to Read
RRReceiving Report
RRRelay Rack
RRRepair Request
RRRiva Rocci
RRRing Return
RRRecall Rate
RRRagged Right (printing and publishing)
RRRadio Regulatory
RRRain Rate (precipitation measurement)
RRReattack Recommendation (US DoD)
RRRevelation Records (record label)
RRRear-Engine Rear-Wheel-Drive
RRReverse Repurchase
RRRestart Round (gaming)
RRRoaring Rapids (amusement park ride)
RRRedridge Mountains (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RRReference Receiver
RRRank Regression
RRRed Ribbon Army (gaming)
RRReporting Responsibility
RRReceive Ring
RRRosenthal & Rosenthal
RRRoad Robber
RRRadio Rack
RRRoad Rover
RRReview and Release
RRRoute Relay
RRRecruit Roll (US Navy)
RRRocket Rods
RRRipper Roo (Crash Bandicoot character)
RRReverse Request
RRRelative Relief
RRRendezvous Radar
RRRejection Report
RRRiparian Reserves
RRRestart Recovery
RRR-to-R Interval (the cycle between two consecutive R-waves)
RRReverse Relay
RRRight Recursive (grammar parsing)
RRRadiant Recovery
RRRegister to Register Instruction
RRReasoning and Rules
RRReuse Ratio
RRRuck Rover (Australian football position)
RRRoper Resources (oceanic equipment manufacturer; Canada)
RRReference Reflector (Agilent)
RRRiparian Reaches
RRRobot Resources
RRRepetition Redundancy
RRRecharge Ratio
RRRegional Reinforcement
RRRefracted - Refracted
RRRivetRider (EC-130 special operations aircraft)
RRResidential Rough (HVAC)
RRRandom Randumb (Slapstick & prank comedy web show)
RRRaze Resources (forum)
RRRefugees de Rwanda
RRRotary Rectifier
RRRenegotiation Regulation
RRRoaming Replicator
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Ein vielversprechender, beispielhafter Ansatz dazu ist im Kanton Bern mit der Revision des Gesetzes uber die Universitat (Regierungsrat Kanton Bern 1996) und der Erweiterung des Leistungsauftrags an die Universitat angelaufen (Regierungsrat Kanton Bern 2013).
v Regierungsrat und Verwaltungsgericht des Kantons Zurich.
gegen Sicherheitsdirektion und Regierungsrat des Kantons Zurich.
Hepburn's rival for Hannele's affections, the Austrian Regierungsrat, who "seemed as if he had no legs, save to sit with" (Fox 120), is, as Ronald Granofsky says, "a personification of the Will-to-Inertia, while Hepburn represents the Will-to-Motion, thus his fine legs" (70).
Even absent express constitutional mandate, the Supreme Court of Switzerland recognises an implied right to the satisfaction of elementary human needs as an indispensable element of a democratic polity, see Gebrueder v Regierungsrat des Kanton Berns, Supreme Court of Switzerland as discussed in Selection of Case Law on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, above n 180.
Regierungsrat des Kantons Basel-Landschaft (2A.450/2002), (4 July 2003), online: <http://wwwsrv.bger.ch/cgi-bin/AZA/MapProcessorCGI_AZA?mapfile=pull/ConvertDocFrameCGI.map&ri=fr&lang=fr&ds=AZA_pull&d=04.07.2003_2A.450%2f2002&pa=1%7e2a%2b450%2b2002%4073%7e&>.
He was accordingly promoted to the SS rank of first lieutenant (Obersturmfuhrer) on the occasion of the 1936 Nurnberg Party Congress and then a permanent civil servant (Regierungsrat)--as one of five young probationary officials advanced over the heads of some nineteen more senior Nazis--to coincide with the fourth anniversary of Hitler's assumption of the chancellorship.
Klotz confessed that publication of the Rohm letters was instigated by the Prussian ministry of the interior, in particular by Regierungsrat (senior executive officer) Rudolf Diels.
Elizabeth Maria ruled until her sons came of age in 1672.(15) Lohenstein is known to have been employed as a privy councillor (Regierungsrat) by Elizabeth Maria in Oels in 1668.
In this wordplay Kant compares his friend the Regierungsrat Johan Friedrich Vigilantius with himself, his 'vigilant' advisor in legal matters with his comatose, 'senile' self.
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