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Each regional spatial strategy will comprise a development plan with related regulatory instruments at the local level, SCP's website adds.
In 2008, Coventry grabbed an astonishing 33,500 house out of the Government Regional Spatial Strategy for a planning period of 2006-2026, giving a projected annual build rate of 1,675.
The findings of the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) report are as valid today as they were when published.
According to the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy, the answer is no.
The North East Regional Spatial Strategy, published in 2008, identified seven key employment sites and their potential uses, stretching from Cramlington in the North to Darlington in the South.
Also just to clear up a point or two; the Regional Spatial Strategy is to be abolished by the national government - this is not a proposal - hence the need for an Local Development Framework.
But Mr Pickles immediately vowed to defy what he branded a technicality and insisted the regional spatial strategy (RSS) would go.
However, the new coalition government has indicated it plans to rip up the Regional Spatial Strategy, which could give new hope to the football club.
Hood, chairwoman of the Save Historic Newmarket Action Group, said: "The regional spatial strategy is inflexible, and out of touch with local needs.We are greatly reassured Caroline Spelman sees it this way."
NECC said it also supported the amalgamation of the Regional Economic Strategy and the Regional Spatial Strategy into the Integrated Regional Strategy (IRS) but urged that it be modelled on the RES which was roundly welcomed by businesses due to its strategic focus and accountability.
A long-term vision to deliver sustainable growth with a social and economic renaissance in the North East was set out by Communities Minister Baroness Andrews in the revised regional spatial strategy.
Hazel Blears, secretary of state for communities and local government, has already been forced to make further changes to the East of England Plan--the government's 'Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS)' for large scale and rapid growth across the region to the year 2021--following earlier warnings that it might contravene EU laws aimed at protecting Europe's most precious wildlife sites.
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