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RFRadio Frequency
RFRight Front
RFRight Field (baseball)
RFRising Force (Yngwie J. Malmsteen album)
RFRussian Federation
RFRegions Financial Corporation (stock symbol)
RFRheumatoid Factor
RFRoger Federer (tennis player)
RFRange Factor (arcane baseball statistic)
RFRoyal Family (UK)
RFRisk Factor
RFRed Flag
RFRange Finder (camera)
RFRockford Fosgate (car audio)
RFRate of Fall (US Air Force)
RFRed Faction (game)
RFRenal Failure
RFRoyal Flush (cards)
RFRiksidrottsförbundet (Swedish)
RFRutherfordium (element 104)
RFRight Foot (dance)
RFRoskilde Festival (Danish music festival)
RFRetractable Fastback (Mazda MX-5 Miata)
RFResponse Force (US DoD)
RFRumble Fighter (online gaming)
RFRight Forward
RFRheumatic Fever
RFRascal Flatts (country music artist)
RFRelease Factor
RFRoyal Fusiliers (WWI British Army regiment)
RFReduction Factor
RFReform Party (founded by Ross Perot in 1995)
RFRadius to Fix
RFRépublique Française (French Republic)
RFRegister File
RFRelative Frequency
RFRotary Foundation
RFRockefeller Foundation
RFRiver Forest (suburb of Chicago, IL)
RFReaction Force
RFRaised Face (flange)
RFReceptive Field
RFRevolving Fund
RFResponse Factor
RFRolling Forecast (finance & marketing)
RFRim Fire (ammunition)
RFRhodium Finish
RFReverend Father
RFReserve Force
RFRadiative Forcing
RFReplication Factor
RFRighteous Fury (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RFRear Floor (automobile manufacturing)
RFRight-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as RAF)
RFRecovery Factor (oil and gas)
RFRegional Forces (Vietnam)
RFRepresentative Fraction
RFRipper Free (DVD backup software without ripping decoders)
RFResume Flag
RFRhodesian Front (political party)
RFRetardation Factor (chromatography)
RFRural Friends
RFRespirable Fraction
RFRepair Factor
RFRear Focusing (lens technology)
RFRainforest Foundation (UK)
RFRadiated Frequency
RFRegistered Forester
RFReconnaissance Fighter
RFRipping Friends
RFRadio Fantasy
RFReconocimiento de Formas (Spanish)
RFRossiyskaya Federatsiya (Russian Federation)
RFReplacement Factor
RFReaction Function (economics)
RFReceptor Factor(s)
RFRelative Body Fat
RFReadiness Field
RFReaction Furnace
RFReal Feel Temperature (index created by AccuWeather)
RFReflexology Forum
RFResistance to Frequency
RFRatio of Fronts (component)
RFReprographic Facility
RFRalph Furley
RFReduced Fratricide
RFRelentless Family (gaming clan)
RFRandomflame (gaming community)
RFRefrigerant Ton
RFUS Revenue Playing Cards (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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Associated with the FPU is the floating point register file, which contains eight regular and four scratch-pad 64-bit floating point registers; the latter are accessible only from code running in the Macro Instruction ROM.
For processors whose 32-bit register files can be accessed as two 16-bit halves, these can be used together to represent a single 32-bit fixed-point number.
Multiplying four and eight times of the logic is approximate because there are state elements, other than those listed (PC, Register File, pipeline registers), to be multiplied; for example, there are such elements of the memory in the coprocessor 0 and in the multiplication/ division unit.
Liu, "Architecting energy-efficient STT-RAM based register file on GPGPUs via delta compression," in Proceedings of the 53rd Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference, DAC 2016, USA, June 2016.
For example, we defined 2 registers of attribute "callee" and 12 registers of attribute "caller" in both local register file and global register file.
Typically, large register file is area consuming and will lead to more energy consumption.
A check register file can also be delivered to your AP or AR department to update your systems as necessary.
Typically, a Transport block will include a Register File that provides a Task File for BIOS register compatibility, to ensure that software drivers are compatible with Parallel ATA systems.
To accommodate this, Rubicon makes provision for inter-cluster communication, allowing VLIW to be applied to the problem of realizing instruction level parallelism without swamping the register file with an unmanageable volume of requests for operands from execution units.
A TAL abstract machine state, or program, is a triple consisting of a heap (H), a register file (R), and a sequence of instructions (I).
(2) Its resources in term of execution units, register file ports, memory ports etc., should satisfy the needs of the program in order to eliminate structural conflicts.
The POWER architecture is a conventional RISC architecture in most respects; it adheres to the most important RISC tenants of fixed-length instructions, register-to-register architecture, simple addressing modes, simple (not requiring microcode interpretation) instructions, a large register file, and a three-operand (non-destructive) instruction format.