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REGRegistry (Microsoft Windows file extension)
REGRegina (Latin: Queen)
REGRenewable Energy Generation (various locations)
REGRace, Ethnicity and Gender
REGRegal Entertainment Group
REGRecovered Energy Generation (power plants)
REGRationeel Energiegebruik (Dutch: Rational Energy Use; Belgium)
REGReggie Miller
REGRegistry File
REGRichard E. Grant (actor)
REGReal Escape Game
REGRandom Event Generator
REGResearch Equipment Grant (various organizations)
REGReal Estate Guys (radio show)
REGReed Electronics Group (Reed Elsevier Group)
REGRural Enterprise Gateway (UK)
REGReferring Expression Generation
REGReggio Calabria, Italy - Tito Menniti (Airport Code)
REGRotor Excitation Generator (electricty)
REGGolden Redfish
REGReno Evening Gazette
REGRépertoire des Entreprises du Canton de Genève (French: Business Directory of Geneva; Switzerland)
REGRegular Electronic Giving (Lutheran Laypeople's League of Australia, Inc.)
REGReservatory for Endangered Games
REGRange, Ephemeris, GMT
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Sign-ins may fail, and to fix it, you'll need to edit the PC's registry file, a task that should be accomplished by experienced PC users only.
Over the last eighteen years, Garry has become well known both nationally and internationally for his extensive work and expertise on the federal gun registry file.
Three files produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)--CA Search (the Chemical Abstracts file), ChemSearch (a CAS-produced registry file), and Chemical Industry Notes (CIN)--were removed from ProQuest Dialog in October 2012.
In addition, registry transaction protection can "ensure registry file integrity and eliminate potential data corruption due to crash or system failure."
The baseline cohort for the present longitudinal study was selected in 1985 using the registry file of all inhabitants (n=105,798) of Stockholm County born on the twentieth of any month between 1945 and 1954.
The All-Clad Registry File is a cookbook, notebook and kitchen organizer, and is available now through a mail-in rebate...
Another vital resource is the CAS Registry file, the world's largest and most comprehensive substance database.
(7) AWM Registry file 566/003/006 Plan Model "Somme" 1918.
Even if you know where they are,getting rid of them can be very hard if they have made alterations to the system Registry file, the ``master control''of the Windows set-up that stores information about almost every piece of software.
Here are a few common failures that can totally cripple a Windows server or workstation: registry file corruption, installing new device drivers, deleting strategic files and a failed OS hard drive.
If you just copy the contents of your old computer over to the new one, nothing will work because the new hardware drivers won't match the old registry file. So how do you get everything from point A to point B?
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