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RABRegionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH (German)
RABRadio Access Bearer
RABRegulus A. Black (Harry Potter 6)
RABRetarded Animal Babies
RABReport Acceptance Body (accounting)
RABRegulatory Affairs Branch (National Cancer Institute)
RABRegional Accountability Bureau (Pakistan)
RABRandom Access Burst
RABRembo Auto-Backup
RABRestricted Area Badge
RABRectangular Array Beamformer
RABResident Authority Board
RABRisk Assessment Board (various organizations)
RABRéseau Africain de Biosciences (French: African Biosciences Network)
RABRisk Assurance Board (Elexon Ltd.; UK)
RABRotary Air Blast (mining)
RABRetail Advisory Board (various organizations)
RABRemote Afterloading Brachytherapy
RABRabaul, Papua New Guinea - Lakunai (Airport Code)
RABRadio Advertising Bureau
RABRAID Advisory Board
RABRegistrar Accreditation Board (ANSI)
RABRenewal At Birth
RABRestoration Advisory Board
RABRoyal Academy of Ballet
RABPostal Tax Semipostal (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RABRange and Bearing
RABReichsautobahn (German: Highway of the Reich)
RABRhythm and Blues
RABRabobank (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
RABResource Accounting and Budgeting
RABRegulatory Asset Base
RABRapid Action Battalion (Bangladesh)
RABRed, Amber and Black (Bradford Bulls Rugby League fans forum)
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17) La comparacion que hace Erna Lendvai-Dircksen entre la "expresion del alma" y el "alma de paisaje", esta claramente implicita en su serie fotografica Reichsautobahn (1942).
There was a similar disjunction between propagated modernism and actual results in road building, where the Reichsautobahn project (with its roots in the Weimar Republic) started to founder amidst wartime priorities, and the road transport of goods that was unable to compete with the railway.
Even regional Reichsautobahn (RAB) authorities hired eastern Upper Silesian Jews from Organization Schmelt (Weiss 96).
By connecting disparate locales, the Reichsautobahn (one of the period's most important modernization projects) was seen to contribute to an increasingly unified German nation.
In his 1947 article "The 'Fuhrer's Streets,'" the engineer Kurt Kaftan tried to clear up a common (and to him, very irritating) misconception: that the Reichsautobahn was an invention of the Nazis.
36) Such notions provided justification for Nazi modernization projects such as the Reichsautobahn and the dreamed-of Volkswagen.
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21) Anton Woerner, 'Die Reichsautobahn Munchen-Salzburg', Die Autobahn, No.
Zeller presents the concept of the Reichsautobahn as a superhighway meeting the highest technical standards, conforming to topography at a time when traffic density was still very low and did not require the building of motorways at all.
Of course, he mentions that the Italian autostrada served as a model for the Reichsautobahn.