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RBDRebelde (Mexican Novela)
RBDREM (Rapid Eye Movement) Behavior Disorder
RBDRADOS (reliable Autonomous Distributed Object Store) Block Device
RBDRecurrent Brief Depression (mental disorder)
RBDRegional Business Director (various locations)
RBDRule Based Definition
RBDRescue Boot Disk
RBDRequired Beginning Date (qualified retirement plans)
RBDReliability Block Diagram
RBDRefined, Bleached and Deodorized (cooking oils)
RBDRNA-Binding Domain
RBDRegional Business Development (various organizations)
RBDRalph Brown Draughon (Auburn University; Alabama)
RBDReichsbahndirektion (German)
RBDRigid Body Dynamics
RBDReliability Based Design (engineering)
RBDReal Bills Doctrine (Adam Smith)
RBDReverse Brain Drain
RBDRare Books Department (various organizations)
RBDReality by Design
RBDDallas Redbird Airport (Airport Code)
RBDRare Bleeding Disorder
RBDRichard Beneke Designs (South Africa)
RBDReserve for Bad Debts
RBDRegistry of Births and Deaths
RBDReservations/Booking Designator (airlines)
RBDReliability Based Decoding
RBDRod Break Down
RBDRed Bull Division (gaming clan)
RBDRight Brain-Damaged Patient
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Presumably, in the context of the Research Institute survey, which had been started in November 1962, the head of the planning division of the Reichsbahndirektion of Dresden had already suggested discontinuing all narrow-gauge lines in the district.
A few months later, however, in May 1963, the head of the traction administration of the Dresden Reichsbahndirektion informed his superior at the Ministry of Transportation that the head of the planning division had elaborated and passed on this suggestion, advocating abolition, on his own.
(44) Coincidentally, the minister had served as the Vice-President of the Reichsbahndirektion Halle at the start of his career.
(21) BArch, DM 1-8675, paper drawn up by the Reichsbahndirektion Dresden: Leiter der Abteilung Planung, concerning Begrundung eines Vorschlags zur Liquidation aller Schmalspurbahnen im Rbd.-Bezirk, dated 27 November 1962.
(22) BArch, DM 1-8675, paper drawn up by the Reichsbahndirektion Dresden: Verwaltung Maschinenwirtschaft, addressed to the Hauptverwaltung Maschinenwirtschaft, concerning Vorschlag zur Liquidation aller Schmalspurbahnen im, dated 9 May 1963.
91 DRG, "Aufhebung des Reichsbahndirektion Magdeburg," Drucksache Nr.