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REIDReal Estate Investment and Development (Atlanta, GA)
REIDReal Estate ID
REIDRenewable Energy Industry Development (Australia)
REIDRisk of Exposure-Induced Death
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Quite obviously, those with political clout not only get to push the desert tortoise around, they get to kill the tortoise, but those who have no beef with the tortoise but also no ins with the Reid family, like Bundy, can be accused of harming the desert tortoise (without proof) and lose their property as a consequence.
The naked man grabbed Reid by his collar and dragged him into the living room where he noticed Reid had a screwdriver in his pocket, so took it from him.
Andy Reid also took a leave of absence during the 2008 offseason to deal with the criminal charges faced not only by Garrett Reid but also by Britt Reid, another of Andy Reid's sons.
Unfortunately, Reid would return home with a bronze after Holland's Orhan Delibas handed him an 8-3 loss in the semi-finals.
When pleading guilty to the charges in October, Reid said he was a member of terrorist group Al-Qaeda and declared his hatred for the US.
As for the atmosphere, Reid hopes to keep it intact.
The street snatch in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, sparked a police hunt amid fears Reid was going to be executed.
But last night he left both the 26-year-old and Ireland's fans in no doubt that he won't be turning to Reid any time soon.
With startling realism, Robert Reid conveys the plight of the frustrated idealist and the distressing consequences of his endless quest.
The pair were friends and partners and planned to build a hotel in Sri Lanka - until Reid suspected he was being ripped off.
Reid is just going to have it reduced,'' said Brian O'Connell, director of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' nuclear waste program.