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RCSPRate Controlled Static Priority
RCSPRecovery Community Services Program (Rockville, Maryland)
RCSPRiverbed Certified Solutions Professional (Riverbed Technology, Inc.)
RCSPRussian-Chinese Strategic Partnership (est. 1996)
RCSPRufous-Crowned Sparrow (Aimophila ruficeps bird species)
RCSPRemote Call Service Position
RCSPResting Calcaneal Stance Position (podiatry)
RCSPRelaxed Calcaneal Stance Position (podiatry)
RCSPReceiving and Concealing Stolen Property (legal charge)
RCSPReinforced Concrete Sewer Pipe (infrastructure)
RCSPRadar Calibration Spheres Project
RCSPRadar Control & Status Panel
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6,632 lf of 36" reinforced concrete sewer pipe and all related appurtenances.
reinforced concrete sewer pipe collapsed during heavy rains.
Tenders are invited for CCTV inspection of large diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipe.
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