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REINSRiding Emphasizing Individual Needs and Strengths (therapeutic equestrian program; Fallbrook, CA)
REINSRegional Equine Information Network System (North Carolina State University)
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"The commission should comply with the high court's mandate affirming my reinstatement as CHED executive director," Vitriolo said.
One of the workers, Kim San, said they all have been waiting for the reinstatement of the sacked employees since the prime minister made a statement.
Wabba, while addressing agitated workers who marched in protest towards the Governor's office, having waited several hours to know the outcome of the meeting of labour leaders with the government, confirmed the reinstatement of Ambali and other workers.
YDA BBH President Dr Rana Azeem told Dawn the provincial government had issued his suspension letter within two hours of Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid's visit to the hospital, but it had taken two days for them to issue a letter of reinstatement.
After the government's decision other officials who were illegally recruited filed a petition in the court and pleaded for their reinstatement on the job like Ghaffar Mahar.
This was one of a number of reinstatement conditions that the ICC set CAN in May 2016 that must be met before reinstatement is considered.
Lacson, who chairs the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, said he would immediately call for a hearing when the session resumes on July 24 to discuss the reinstatement issue of Marcos.
Suspended lawyers who must retake the bar exam before reinstatement should be required to do that before they file their reinstatement petition, according to the Bar's Disciplinary Procedure Committee.
The reinstatement provision on a LTC policy or LTC rider has more liberal standards than the reinstatement provision of a life insurance policy.
ISLAMABAD -- Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association has demanded reinstatement of 75 % rebate in income tax, which has been reduced by the government two years ago by 40 percent.
In addition to cases where wrongful dismissal has been found (especially in labour relations scenarios), reinstatement is authorized under work-related legislation, such as occupational health and safety and human rights legislation.
A commission at the labor office in Jeddah has ordered reinstatement of two bank employees who were fired without valid reasons.