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He said as part of reinventing government strategy, government would conduct in-service training programmes at the Botswana Public Service College to empower public officers.
That is step number two for reinventing government.
The buzzwords in legislatures at the time were "reinventing government" after the eponymous book by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler.
Major reform trends have included the idea of total quality management (TQM), reinventing government, National Performance Review (NPR), New Public Management (NPM), President Bush's management agenda, the human capital movement, and other research on improving governance (Rainey, 2003).
During the past 30 years, "We have witnessed the bandwagon effect of popular management movements such as management by objectives; reinventing government; reengineering; the balanced scorecard; and the latest craze, Lean and Six Sigma," Paparone writes in Defense AT&L, the journal of the Defense Acquisition University.
In defining the duties and authorities of a CTO, Congress and/or the Obama Administration may opt to draw from the duties and authorities of agency-level chief information officers (CIOs) and CTOs; the Bush Administration's use of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to handle CIO, CTO, and e-government responsibilities; the Clinton Administration's "reinventing government" initiative; the Commerce Department's recently-eliminated Technology Administration and its agency predecessors; and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).
of Denver) presents 18 papers analyzing the ongoing shift in governance in the age of privatization, deregulation, and public-private partnerships or the age of "entrepreneurial management." He has organized the papers into sections on privatization, competition, deregulation, and entrepreneurial management; entrepreneurship, reinventing government, franchising, and contracting out; entrepreneurial quality, ethics, and governance; and the entrepreneurial management and public policy model.
Prior to founding AmericaSpeaks in 1995, Lukensmeyer served as consultant to the Clinton White House Office of the Chief of Stall directing a management audit of White House decision-making and operations She was deputy project director for management of the National Performance Review, former Vice President A1 Gore's reinventing government task force.
This decade's version of Reinventing Government is Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, which in its 95 weeks on The New York Times' bestseller list has popularized the idea that "incentives are the cornerstone of modern life." Freakonomics brings Chicago School economics to the masses.
Al Gore spent much of his time as vice president "reinventing government" but, as you may recall, was denied a chance to carry the initiative into a new century.
Like Bill Clinton, a figure with whom he is both implicitly and explicitly linked throughout the book, Mayor Rudy was well schooled in Third Way governmental approaches, the amalgam of ideas (including welfare reform, privatization, competition to provide government services, and "broken-windows" policing) embodied in texts like City Journal and David Osborne and Ted Gaebler's book Reinventing Government. New Yorkers and '90s nostalgists alike will enjoy Siegel's reminiscences of how these ideas came into play, and particularly of how Giuliani's New York (or "Gotham," as Siegel insists on calling it) was arguably the nation's most thorough and intensive proving ground for new ideas in city services, welfare reform, and, above all, policing.
This announcement was made to call attention to the fact that his administration had cut 280,000 federal jobs under the reinventing government campaign, and that total federal employment was down over 400,000 from its high in 1968 (Light, p.