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RDBMRelational Data Base Management (various organizations)
RDBMRelational Data Base Machine
RDBMReyes Del Bajo Mundo (Spanish: Kings of the Underworld; band)
RDBMRing-Dried Blood Meal
RDBMRabbit Demineralized Bone Matrix
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Data quality is independent of format; whether the data is in tables in an RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) or expressed in a graph, the same principles apply.
Oracle, traditionally known for its relational data base management systems, also sells business applications software.
The logical partitioning that comes in OS/400 V4R4 (which has more than twice the code of OS/400 V4R3 thanks in large measure to this feature and universal database extensions to the AS/400's integrated relational data base management system, DB2/400) is similar in concept to the mainframe logical partitioning that is available to customers using IBM's flagship OS/390 operating system, but it is implemented quite differently.
This is usually done by pulling volume (revenue) data, combining it with cost data from the financial systems and using relational data base management technology combined with advanced query and reporting tools to create a management information system that supports "what-if" analysis.
The IBM DB2 [R] relational data base management system, along with a query tool, provides users with easy access to the mainframe information, as well as the ability to manipulate it.
In addition to improved drawing capabilities and a new graphical user interface, Release 12 has extensions into relational data base management systems and a wider range of output options.
In 1985 he redefined the world of transaction processing by writing his 12 laws of relational data base management. Now he's done the same for online analytical processing.
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