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RSRBRemote Source Route Bridging
RSRBRemote Source-Route Bridging
RSRBResearch Subjects Review Board (University of Rochester; New York)
RSRBReusable Solid Rocket Booster (aerospace engineering)
RSRBReed Smith Richards Butler (law firm)
RSRBRelationships (Statutory References) Bill (New Zealand)
RSRBRight Solid Rocket Booster (spaceship part)
RSRBRolling Stones Revival Band (band)
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Public relations and communication should become a more research-based discipline, and creating a reliable and consistently used measure of organisational relationships has been a top priority for communication managers globally (Noble, 1999, pp.
The researchers drew upon the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study, which provided data on the sexual relationships of 1,316 adolescents who were randomly selected from the year 2000 enrollment records of seven Ohio school districts.
It is essential to establish a conceptualization for effective teaching that includes the dynamics of caring and supportive relationships, since accountability and standards alone do not ensure student achievement and success.
[USA], Aug 26 (ANI): On-off relationships are associated with higher rates of abuse, poorer communication and lower levels of commitment, suggest researchers.
What such people do not realise is the extent to which many of those getting into marital relationships pretend just so that they can win over their partner.
* Patients who underwent dental treatment or orthodontic treatment which had altered the molar and canine relationships or dental midlines.
Chicago, IL, January 07, 2016 --( Society's outlook on dating and relationships and especially communication with partners, may be keeping people from knowing what they have and getting what they want from relationships, according to a new study conducted by Suave Lover, a Chicago-based international dating and relationship consultancy.
Lauderdale, I was asked to present a class on D/s relationships. When I asked them why they wanted me to do this class, they responded, "Well of anyone I know, you probably know the most about it." This article is a short synopsis of that class.
Social network is a set of social actors and the relationships among them [1].
What impact does jealousy (or the lack thereof) have on intimate relationships? Are multiple relationships really a threat to intimate relationships?
" Parliament has to ponder over these issues, bring in proper legislation or make a proper amendment of the Act, so that women and the children, born out of such kinds of relationships be protected, though those types of relationship might not be a relationship in the nature of a marriage," the court said.
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