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RDIRecommended Daily Intake
RDIRelationship Development Intervention
RDIRespiratory Disturbance Index
RDIRecommanded Daily Intake
RDIRiff Device Independent Bitmap
RDIRemote Defect Indication
RDIReference Daily Intake
RDIResearch, Development and Innovation
RDIReal Disposable Income (economics)
RDIRoyal Designer for Industry
RDIResearch Diagnostics, Inc. (various locations)
RDIRecherche, Développement et Innovation (French: Research, Development and Innovation; various organizations)
RDIRelative Dose Intensity
RDIReseau d'Information (Radio Canada's French language news service)
RDIRaw Data Interface (computing)
RDIRegenerative Design Institute
RDIRadar Doppler à Impulsions (French military plane radar)
RDIRemote Defect Identification (Asynchronous Transfer Mode, ATM)
RDIResource Development Institute (US and Pakistan)
RDIRevue de Droit Immobilier (French: Real Estate Law Journal)
RDIRequired Daily Intake
RDIRhône Développement Initiative (French: Rhone Development Initiative; Rhone, France)
RDIRecherche Développement International (French: International Development Research)
RDIRemote Debugging Interface
RDIResults-Driven Incremental (methodology for project implementation and management)
RDIReclamation Drought Index (drought severity and duration)
RDIRainfall Dependent Infiltration
RDIRemote Detect Indication
RDIResidential Density Incentives
RDIResource Development Initiative (Children's Services Council and the United Way of Palm Beach County)
RDIRamsey Did It (JonBenet Ramsey theory)
RDIRadiology & Diagnostic Imaging, PSC (Owensboro, Kentucky)
RDIRange-Doppler Interferometry
RDIRadiation Dynamics Incorporated
RDIRetirement Disposal Instruction
RDIRecherche et Développement en Informatique (French: Research and Development in Information Technology)
RDIRegional Development and Innovation
RDIRow Digital Interconnect
RDIRedirection Destination Index
RDIReport Data Interface
RDIRemote Data Input
RDIReconnaissance, Detection & Identification
RDIReceived Differential Input
RDIReport Data Interchange
RDIRecently Disembarked Individual (see FOB)
RDIRogers Dedicated Internet (Canada)
RDIRéalisation et Diffusion pour l'Industrie (French: Production and Distribution for Industry)
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The relative dose intensity of the chemotherapy regimen was measured by averaging the RDI of each individual drug except for leucovorin.
Relative dose intensity of chemotherapy was dichotomized by dividing patients into groups based on a RDI higher or lower than the median.
Furthermore, a high relative dose intensity of oxaliplatin based adjuvant therapy is associated with improved recurrence-free survival.
Inokuchi, "Importance of relative dose intensity in chemotherapy for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma," Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology, vol.
One-month relative dose intensity of not less than 50% predicts favourable progression-free survival in sorafenib therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma in Japanese patients.
They found that patients aged 65 or older were significantly more likely to experience a relative dose intensity reduction of at least 15%.
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