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RFURugby Football Union
RFURemote Firmware Update (firmware)
RFURelative Fluorescence Units
RFUReserved For Future Use
RFURussian Football Union
RFURadio Frequency Unit
RFUReady For Use
RFUReach for Unbleached (Canada; est. 1991)
RFURadical Fundamentalist Unit (US FBI)
RFURemote Fan Unit
RFUReconfigurable Functional Unit
RFURéserve Facilement Utilisable (French: Readily Available Reserve)
RFURequest for Update
RFURemote Focusing Unit (to focus robotic lighting instruments on stage)
RFUReason for Update (electronic document processing)
RFURolling Foul-Up
RFUSub-Capacity Dispersion Range (US FBI)
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Because these are t = 0 measurements, all the relative fluorescence unit (RFU) counts were converted to moles of 4-MU per liter of blood using the calibration curve.
The maximum density ([rho]-Max) algorithm is applied to the background-corrected data to determine the ratio (r) of fluorescent signals from the two Detector Probes at each pass during the reaction according to the equation: r = ln(ROX/FAM), where ROX and FAM correspond to the signals in relative fluorescence units (RFU) obtained from the rhodamine- and fluorescein-labeled probes, respectively.
The concentrations of the PCR products were determined by the peak heights expressed as relative fluorescence units (RFUs) on the CGE/LIF electropherogram based on the calibration factor generated from serial dilutions of the PCR product with known concentration determined by a DNA concentrator (DyNA Quant 200 from Hoefer).
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