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RSRRadio Suisse Romande (Radio of the French-speaking Switzerland)
RSRRetail Systems Research (Miami, FL)
RSRRental Sales Representative (various companies)
RSRRoyal Sussex Regiment
RSRRenn Sport Racer
RSRRedundant Source Routing
RSRRally Sport Replicas
RSRRally Sport Racing
RSRRibble Steam Railway (UK)
RSRRetail Sales Representative
RSRRail Safety Regulator (various locations)
RSRRegular Supervisory Report (finance)
RSRReally Simple Reporting (Akvo)
RSRRecherches de Science Religieuse (French: Religious Science Research)
RSRRising Sun Research
RSRRelative Spectral Response (optical engineering)
RSRRegular Sinus Rhythm
RSRRequired Supply Rate
RSRen-Route Surveillance Radar (US FAA)
RSRRealschulrektor (Germany)
RSRRemote Site Recovery
RSRRestricted Stock Right
RSRRepublica Socialista România (Socialist Republic of Romania)
RSRRemote Service Request
RSRRiviera Stunt Riders (France)
RSRRock and Sock and Robot (Internet video series)
RSRRemote Site Replication (software)
RSRRock Solid Results
RSRRochester and Southern Railroad
RSRReduction with Selective Redundancy (algorithm)
RSRReactor Safety Research
RSRRoyal Sailors' Rests (Christian charity; Portsmith, England, UK)
RSRRasmussen Starr Ruddy (Canada)
RSRRepair Survival Rate
RSRRisques Spéciaux
RSRRibotoxic Stress Response
RSRRadio Salve Regina (French radio station)
RSRResource Status Report
RSRResources Status Report
RSRReady Service Ring
RSRRuntime Status Register
RSRRumunská Socialistická Republika (Socialist Republic of Romania)
RSRRequirements Strategy Review (US Air Force)
RSRRefracted Surface - Reflected Ray Path
RSRReduced Surface Resistance
RSRResearch Support Request
RSRRaccoon Strain Rabies
RSRRecall, Screen and Repair/Return
RSRRefracted Surface Reflection
RSRRunescape Rush
RSRResurvey Settlement Register (field survey for land records)
RSRRouteset Test-Restricted (SS7)
RSRRow Seeded Rice
RSRReservation Region
RSRResident Safety Representative (Hofstra University, Long Island, NY)
RSRResidual Surface Resistance
RSRResettlement Register
RSRRun Sarah Run (Sarah Palin; politician)
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To modify the "I" image, the relationship between the relative spectral response of multi-spectral and panchromatic sensors of the THEOS data is considered.
The relative spectral responses of the THEOS PAN and MS wavelengths are shown in Figure 1.
The relative spectral response is normalized to that at ~ 370 nm and is > 0.
8 was obtained by first subtracting the spectrum obtained for the growth medium without microalgae, and then correcting the subtracted spectrum for the relative spectral response using the reference lamp as the source.
The known normalized spectral shape is divided by the normalized measured reference spectrum to obtain the relative spectral response correction.
lambda]] is the relative spectral response at wavelength [lambda], and the maximum value of [R.
4), the laboratory spectral radiance curve, and the relative spectral response for that channel.
The relative spectral responses for the first four LXR channels were configured to correspond to those for the Landsat instrument.
The function Q([lambda]) describes the relative spectral response of the detector, s([lambda]) is the relative emission function, and T([lambda]) describes the optical filter used in the instrument.
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