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Boeing has provided space communication services to NASA for more than four decades, and has been NASAs sole provider of tracking and data relay satellites since 1995.
Boeing has completed, and delivered to storage, the last in a series of satellites for NASAs Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) constellation.
EDRS-A, the first relay satellite of the SpaceDataHighway, was successfully launched into geostationary orbit on 30 January 2016.
EDRS-A, the first relay satellite in the SpaceDataHighway programme (also called EDRS), will be launched to geostationary orbit on 28 January 2016 (Baikonour time).
EDRS-A, the first SpaceDataHighway relay satellite launched in January 2016, offers coverage from the American East Coast to India.
In an interview broadcast by state television CCTV on Sunday, he said NASA scientists had discussed a possible collaboration at an international conference "a few years ago," and that US scientists had asked to extend the lifespan of China's Queqiao relay satellite from three to five years to facilitate the planning of an American moon mission.
The Jade Rabbit 2 rover has succeeded in establishing a digital transmission link with a relay satellite that sends data back to the Beijing control centre, the space agency said in a posting on its website.
The event was captured by the camera on the lander and the images were sent back to the Earth via the relay satellite "Queqiao", China's Xinhua state news agency reported.
So China launched a relay satellite in May to enable Chang'e 4 to send back information.
But it's difficult to explore, because scientists on Earth can't communicate via direct radio signal with spacecraft in this remote region -- a quandary China's relay satellite has solved.
With the communication assistance of the relay satellite Queqiao, the probe sent back the first-ever close-up photograph of the Moon's far side, opening a new chapter in lunar exploration.
With the communication assistance of the relay satellite Queqiao (Magpie Bridge), the probe sent back the first-ever close-up photograph of the moon's far side, according to the report.