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RLSTNRelay Station
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Shen, "Optimal Relay Station Placement in IEEE 802.16j Networks," in Proc.
In a statement issued Thursday, Aselsan said that, as part of the cooperation with Raytheon, an agreement would be signed in 2010 that would make Aselsan a subcontractor for the manufacturing of the "Relay Station".
They were today warned by Of com any further delays would mean the new relay station would not be ready for November's digital switchover.
Surgeons implant a small electrode in a brain area that normally serves as a relay station for nerve signals.
Justices were asked to decide whether RIM can be held liable for patent infringement when its main relay station for e-mail and data transmission is located outside U.S.
Europe Intelligence Wire recently reported that a new fuel cell-powered relay station, opened by French mobile operator Bouygues Telecom, commenced operation late last month.
The GCA crew located the incoming aircraft on their search radar and used the control tower as a relay station to "talk" one of them into position for a contact landing.
The new pounds 500,000 Nato relay station in the Hebrides completes a missing link in the UK's air and sea defences.
As a Gazelle aircraft flew forward with two Royal Signals to set up a relay station, it was accidentally shot down near Pleasant Peak by a Sea Dart missile fired by HMS Cardiff, and all four people on board were killed.
Electronics recyclers who take in cellular telephone relay station equipment may hold the map to a productive gold mine.
But WIS could easily expand the radius to up to 20 kilometers per original relay station by concluding similar accords with the owners of other buildings to install relay stations on those buildings, it said.