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RELRegional Educational Laboratory
RELRecommended Exposure Limit (NIOSH)
RELRelações Internacionais (Brazil)
RELRights Expression Language
RELRessources Educatives Libres (French: Open Educational Resources)
RELReliance Energy Ltd
RELRelease Message
RELReference Exposure Level
RELRear End Loader (waste container)
RELV-Rel Avian Reticuloendotheliosis Viral Oncogene Homolog
RELRadio Equipment List (Canada)
RELTrelew, Chubut, Argentina (Airport Code)
RELRéticulum Endoplasmique Lisse (French: Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum)
RELAuthorized for Release To ...
RELRassemblement Européen de la Liberté (French: European Gathering of Liberty; political platform)
RELRéacteur à Eau Légère (French: Light Water Reactor)
RELRecovered Energy Logic
RELRandom Even Lengths (lumber)
RELRing Enhancing Lesion
RELRichland Energy Laboratory (Tri-Cities University Center)
RELReal Estate Law
RELRenewable Energy Law (various locations)
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The new world academic is not without merit either, in the role of relayer and interpreter of hopes, those of the powerful imagination of unity not yet lived, in J.
Le sujet qui chante se trouve a relayer leur appel.
A gossip, she notes, is not only a chief relayer of news, but also a social arbiter.
With that, the teacher doesn't become a relayer of information in a linear curriculum, but a facilitator of in the moment learning opportunities.
99, call our Music Line on 01634 832 789Yes -Close to the Edge; Tales from Topographic Oceans, Relayer, Going for the One (All Atlantic) Apolgies for following a punk rock review with a prog rock dessert, but hey, this is the 21st century and everybody's post-modern nowadays.
Through the Seventies they were the toast of the US live circuit, and notched up hit albums like Close To TheEdge, Tales From Topographic Oceans and Relayer.
A typical relayer harvests quahogs about 100-110 days/yr in Raritan Bay, whereas a typical fisherman who sells to the deputation plants harvests about 200 days/yr in Raritan Bay.
Other returners include freestyler and relayer Justin Dyczewski and sophomore sprinter and 100-yard butterfly man Eric Cunningham.
His grotesque travelling narrator, a "maniaco intellettuale," becomes in Translating Travel an almost Poundian relayer of culture, facing the onslaught of modern life and travel through the observation of hetereogenous communcations.
Fourth, a first lady is a trusted, loyal, relayer of information.
To keep wool fibers loose until felting begins, relayer batts (step 2); if needed, redistribute wool to maintain their rectangular shape.
While the United States retains its position as the top relayer of spam, Russia has increased its contribution to the world spam problem, soaring from 4.