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RIRhode Island (US postal abbreviation)
RIRock Island (various locations)
RIRotary International
RIRepublic of Indonesia
RIRobotics Institute
RIRemedial Investigation
RIRiver Island (clothing; UK)
RIReference Implementation
RIRelevant Information
RIRelief International
RIRefugees International
RIRespiratory Infection (illness)
RIRelations Internationales (French: International Relations)
RIRed Ink (band)
RIRepubblica Italiana (Italian Republic)
RIRefractive Index
RIRoosevelt Island (New York, NY)
RIRaffles Institution (Singapore)
RIReproductive Isolation (biology)
RIRequest for Information (usually seen as RFI)
RIResponsible Investment
RIRégiment d'Infanterie (French: Infantry Regiment)
RIRing It
RIResidual Income
RIRisques Industriels (French: Industrial Risks)
RIRelações Internacionais (Brazil; International Relations)
RIReligious Instruction
RIReliability Index
RIRenal Insufficiency (kidney disorder)
RIRing Indicator (for Modem)
RIRijeka, Croatia (license plate)
RIRotate In (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
RIReliability Improvement
RIReferential Integrity (database rules)
RIRoyal Infirmary (UK)
RIRighteous Indignation
RIRigorous Imprisonment (police)
RIResearch Infrastructure
RIRank Indicator
RIReview Item
RIRockwell International
RIRadio Interference
RIResistance Index
RIRecombinant Inbred
RIRockefeller Institute
RIRehabilitation International (New York, NY)
RIRetention Index
RIRieti, Lazio (Italian province)
RIReport of Investigation (NIOSH)
RIRadiation Intensity
RIRunway Incursion
RIRe-Interview (census)
RIRutherford Institute
RIResearch Instrument
RIRoslin Institute (UK)
RIRelative Inaccuracy (measurement)
RIRisk-Informed (Nuclear Power)
RIRegistered Importer (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
RIReceiving Inspection
RIRoyal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (UK)
RIRegistration Intake
RIRouting Indicator (US DoD)
RIRise Inside (band)
RIRecord Item
RIRex Imperator (Latin: King Emperor; British imperial title)
RIRinnovamento Italiano (Italian Renewal Party)
RIRecruit Instruction (US Navy)
RIResearch Interviewer
RIReadership Institute (Northwestern University)
RIRegional Ileitis (pig disease)
RIRandom Individual
RIRouting Identifier
RIRosenbluth International
RIRandom Insanity (online comic strip)
RIRandom Insanity (gaming community)
RIRoutes International
RIReinforced Insulation
RIRanger Instructor (US Army Ranger School)
RIReverse Integration (computer source code merge promotion process)
RIResidual Image
RIReconnaissance Investigation
RIRetreats International
RIResonance Integral
RIRight Inboard
RIReconnaissance Inspection
RIRepubliek Indonesie (Dutch)
RIRamblin' Irishman
RIRandomly Interleaved
RIRèglement Immédiat (cash settlement of French shares)
RIRefractory Index
RIRepulsion Induction
RIMember of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia
RIReporting Identifier
RIReactor Incident
RIRhythmic Initiation (PNF technique)
RIRestricted Issue
RIRepair and Iterate (part of Generate-and-Repair Machine Translation)
RIRemedial Inspection
RIUS Revenue Potato Tax (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RIReportable Increment
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'Every relevant information reported to us will be of great help to the police in responding, resolving, and preventing immediately any incident and security issues,' he added.
It will improve the performance of the authority and helping the general public, pharmaceutical companies, importer / exporters and medical practitioners to find out the relevant information more effectively from the website.
New Delhi [India], Oct 31 ( ANI ): Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India Counsellor Ji Rong has said that a landslide occurred in Milin County in the lower ranges of Yaluzangbu River in Tibet on October 29 leading to the formation of barrier lake, while adding that it will inform India with relevant information.
Abdullah Mohammed Al Khaja, Executive Director of Clients Management Division from Dubai Customs and Malik Hanouf, CEO of BPG signed the agreement which will see both sides cooperate and exchange relevant information and data to prevent piracy and counterfeiting and help protect the brand owners' rights.
Completion date: 2017 Number of units: 550 hotel rooms Type of units: hotels, commercial, retail shops, offices, cultural amenities Other relevant information: * The cultural centre is set to be completed this year * The design was inspired by local historic districts as well as the traditional souqs in Oman * The project was announced at Cityscape Global 2015 * The project costs more than Dh1.49 billion
This study is an endeavor of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to provide the investors with relevant information and support the development of successful business operations.
The potential for uncovering relevant information on the Deep Web is plausible and will only likely increase in coming years."
By inserting your car's registration number into the text box of "car inquiry" you can find relevant information for example, details about its registration and tax information etc.
* Providing mutually agreed relevant information and managed access to the Saghand mine in Yazd province;
The seven practical measures, to be implemented by Iran by May 15, 2014, are providing mutually agreed relevant information and managed access to the Saghand mine in Yazd, providing mutually agreed relevant information and managed access to the Ardakan concentration plant, and submission of an updated Design Information Questionnaire (DIQ) for the IR-40 Reactor.
Organized with bullet-point presentation, its format, combined with a thorough index, makes it easy to locate relevant information. Topics include victim identification, evidence collection, death certificate issuance, and others.
Stock market expert Stephen Jones, divisional director of Brewin Dolphin in Birmingham, said: "The exchange has a duty to ensure companies listed keep investors up to date with relevant information, and the company has failed to do that over a period of time.