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RIIRisk Informed Inspection
RIIRouting Information Identifier
RIIRevue de l'Ingénieur Industriel (French: Journal of Industrial Engineering; Belgium)
RIIRouting Information Indicator
RIIRemote Ignition Interrupter (monster truck emergency power switch)
RIIRelevant Information and Intelligence
RIIRequired Inspection Item (FAA)
RIIRequest for Intelligence Information
RIIRegistro de Industrias Integradas (Spanish: Registration Integrated Industries)
RIIReform of International Institutions
RIIReinvestment & Infrastructure Initiative
RIIRequired Item Inspection (aviation; FAA)
RIIRequired Item Installation
RIIRéseau International des Ingénieurs (French: International Network of Engineers)
RIIRobinsons Inn, Inc.
RIIReactive Infiltration Instability (geology)
RIIRéseau International Immobilier (French: International Real Estate Network)