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At last, convinced that these people knew a great deal more than they had told him concerning the whereabouts of the Russian and the fate of Jane and the child, Tarzan determined to remain overnight among them in the hope of discovering something further of importance.
There were six pumps on the scene yesterday and a fire brigade spokesman said they are expected to remain overnight.
Because the last flight out to Salt Lake City for a connection back to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport was at noon, I was unable to get out the day of my speech and had to remain overnight.
The male lorry driver was rushed to Borders General Hospital in Melrose where he was expected to remain overnight.
I can confirm that our contractor removes these items regularly, and that anything that does remain overnight is dampened down to reduce the fire risk.
With the additional space, it will be able to park nine, which will make room for the Continental jet to remain overnight before the morning flights back to Cleveland.
He was expected to remain overnight at the Mayo Clinic but was well enough to return home to Fairbault, where he lives with wife and three children.
Civilian planes may stay only one hour and for the most part cannot remain overnight.
Empty patient rooms resulting from low census were converted to hotel-like accommodations for family members who wished to remain overnight.
The need to protect aircraft, particularly when it must remain overnight anywhere other than home base is vital.
Reviewed winter weather operational procedures on when to adjust crew transportation procedures so that moving crew from one location to another using crew vans is eliminated in favor of allowing crews to remain overnight at crew change locations as well as when to adjust train size, speed and other operating restrictions.