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The dashboard also captures information from maintenance systems as well as from the supply chain; for example, it allows the matching of replacement spare parts lead-time with remaining useful life of the component.
replacement cost x remaining useful life / useful life = ACV
By using these health stages, the remaining useful life is forecasted with the investigation of degradation tendency and a pre-determine failure threshold.
After assessing an asset's condition, the next step is to find the remaining useful life. Portland uses a standardized grade and age curve, shown in Exhibit 4.
The next steps include developing appropriate system architectures and specific software algorithms for data analysis, diagnosis and the estimation of remaining useful life.
Senseye, a Southampton-based producer of software for enhanced uptime in manufacturing, has launched its next generation of predictive maintenance software, allowing for the 'Remaining Useful Life' of machines to be easily viewed
Among the areas emphasized in the special issue are case histories; sample calculations of practical design problems; material characterization procedures; failure mechanisms assessment of critical components; stochastic modelling; propagation mechanisms; effect of microstructure and defects on fatigue behaviour; life prediction and remaining useful life estimation.
If the remaining useful life (RUL) can be predicted in advance, catastrophes can be avoided, and predictive maintenance can be implemented to maximize machine uptime and minimize maintenance costs.
By combining the lifecycles of many batteries of the same type, make, etc., a predictive model can be developed that projects remaining useful life. This model must account for factors that might have shortened or extended lifecycles to establish reference signatures that can benchmark performance.
Remaining useful life value estimates how long the equipment can be expected to last.
The better lens allowed for a better assessment, and data was compiled to score the inspected pipe based on remaining useful life.