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RPBRuimtelijk Planbureau (Dutch: The Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research)
RPBResearch to Prevent Blindness (New York, NY)
RPBReference Picture Buffer
RPBRecords per Block
RPBReverse Path Broadcasting
RPBRemote Playback
RPBRegional Planning Body (UK)
RPBReverse-Path Broadcasting
RPBRadiation Protection Bureau (Canada)
RPBRecognised Professional Bodies (UK)
RPBRegional Policy Board (Minnesota)
RPBReform Pension Board (est. 1944)
RPBRemaining Principal Balance (finance)
RPBRepublique Populaire du Benin
RPBReverse Penhold Backhand (table tennis grip)
RPBRotating Packed Bed
RPBReal Property Branch (Public Works and Government Services; Canada)
RPBRelease Prevention Barrier
RPBRating of Perceived Breathlessness
RPBRegional Preparedness Board
RPBReal Pinoy Brothers (gang)
RPBRassemblement Populaire de Burundi
RPBRepublica Populara Bulgara
RPBRevenue Passenger Boarded (commercial aviation)
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Ironwood will use the net proceeds from this transaction to redeem the remaining principal balance of its existing Linaclotide PhaRMA 11% Notes due 2024.
The outstanding term loans under the existing credit agreement, which had a remaining principal balance of USD600m and was to mature on 30 March 2017, have been fully repaid with borrowings under the revolving loan, the company said.
The remaining principal balance of $593 million is due in June 2009.
Employers can use the updated VFC Program to correct loans that exceed applicable limits, by requiring a participant to return the excess loan amount to the plan and amortizing the remaining principal balance as of the correction date over the remaining duration of the original loan.
Therefore, the remaining principal balance of a debt amortization schedule under the rule-of-78 method would be greater than that of the unpaid principal balance method.
A typical fixed-rate residential mortgage is a combination of a series of required cash flows--each an unconditional receivable (payable)--and the privilege of prepaying the remaining principal balance at any time--an option written (held).