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RFTFResearch for the Future (Japan)
RFTFRegional Fugitive Task Force
RFTFRemembering for the Future (The Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom; UK)
RFTFResults-Focused Transition Framework (Liberia; UN)
RFTFRavers From The Future (trance)
RFTFRocky Flats Truth Force (protest group)
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In 2000, after the conference, Remembering for the Future (RFTF) at the University of South Florida, Palgrave published a three volume work edited by John K.
Remembering for the Future: Armenia, Auschwitz, and Beyond
In the end, it was only Jews and the Jews alone who were the victims of a total genocidal onslaught in both intent and practice at the hands of the Nazi murderers" ("Quantity and interpretation: Issues in the comparative historical analysis of the Holocaust," Remembering for the Future, Oxford, 1988, p.
Finally, there is a reward, the end gain that lets your brain know that this particular automatic behavioral loop is worth remembering for the future.
Worth remembering for the future: flights advertised, for example, "from PS99" means there should be at least 10% available at this price, not just the one!
He participated in many of the major conferences on the Holocaust, including the mammoth conference in Oxford, "Remembering for the Future," (5) and conferences in Israel and in Germany.
One promising runner who is worth remembering for the future is Sonofvic, a five-year-old half-brother to Forest Pennant and Aiteen Thirtythree.
"The Remembering for the Future" 2000 conference, for which these papers were written, began, in fact, with a Survivors' Gathering.
Tyson, "Anti-Judaism and Biblical Authority: The Case of Luke-Acts" (paper given at the second Remembering for the Future conference, held in Berlin March 13-17, 1994) and quoted from Ernst Christian Helmrich, The German Churches Under Hitler (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1979), p.
Then came an international week-long conference on the holocaust in Oxford, with 700 delegates, called Remembering for the Future.
It is worth remembering for the future that she disappointed on her debut last season before beating a top field in the Lowther Stakes.
Tyson at the "Remembering for the Future II" Conference, Berlin, March 1994.