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REMIRefraction Microtremor (geophysics)
REMIRegional Economic Models, Inc
REMIRestriction Enzyme-Mediated Integration
REMIReal Estate Management and Investment (est. 1976; California)
REMIReal Estate Management Inc. (Columbia, MO)
REMIReal Estate Market Index
REMIRural Executive Management Institute (University of Arkansas)
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Remi is intended to help clients check foreign exchange rates, keep track of exchange rate fluctuations with recurring alerts and get answers to product questions.
Gypsy jazz supremo Remi, who played alongside Jamie Cullum at last year's BBC Proms, recently headlined at the Django Festival in Oslo, Norway.
Aiko Melendez was nominated for best supporting actress for Iadya Mo Kami, which won a Silver Remi in the Spiritual section.
A Villa statement said: "Manager, Remi Garde, has today left Aston Villa by mutual consent.
Every one to be more cent to win that needs Remi In the last three games goals have been conceded at the most disappointing of times.
During her first Egyptian holiday, Remi, from Alloa, was horrified at the plight of the dishevelled kids scavenging for food and sleeping rough on the banks of the Nile.
And Remi has left Thoni, his wife and the widow of Remi's deceased brother, hence she (Thoni) "cannot now go to a third husband" and turn into a "common whore; " nor can she "do without a husband, without a man to warm" her bed (3).
The ballroom fills with excitement as Hunter reads the bronze, then the silver, the gold and then platinum Remi winners.
Remi Piet is Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Diplomacy and International Political Economy Department of International Affairs College of Arts and Sciences Qatar University, Doha, Qatar.
Gary Cardin, chairman of Colmore Business District, said: "CBD's Music Takeover is a new event that we are holding this year and adds to our comprehensive events programme in the area, which has included our Food Festival, mini film festivals, arts markets, sports Remi events and photography exhibitions.
He was awarded the Remi Platinum Award for the Best Television Commercial which he had developed to prevent accidents- titled, "Please Call Later", the Best Remi Gold Award for the Documentary titled "Spreading the wings - Piyasara" which was created for prevention of Bird Flu and "Remi Bronze Award for Best Educational Programme which he had developed for prevention of HIV AIDS.