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RRMRenewable Resource Management (applied science degre; Canada)
RRMRainfall-Runoff Model
RRMRenewable Raw Material
RRMRadio Resource Management (GSM/UMTS)
RRMRoad Race Motorsports (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
RRMResource Repository Manager
RRMRelative Record Number
RRMRadio Resource Management
RRMRadio Resource Measurement
RRMRegional Risk Manager (various locations)
RRMRegistered Reporting Mechanism (Agency for the Cooperation of Energey Regulators)
RRMRNA Recognition Motifs
RRMRenegotiable Rate Mortgage (real estate finance)
RRMRapid Response Manufacturing
RRMRestorative Reproductive Medicine
RRMRolls-Royce Marine
RRMRate Review Mechanism (tariff; Texas)
RRMResonant Recognition Model
RRMMaximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage (electronic component datasheets for diodes and bridge diodes)
RRMResidual Radioactive Material
RRMRound-Robin Matching
RRMRisk-Reduction Mastectomy (cancer prevention)
RRMRisk Reduction Measure (hazard prevention)
RRMResilient Risk Management
RRMRemote Radio Module
RRMResource Request Matrix
RRMRandom Rotation Matrix
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Conventional offset ink and ink with a larger share of renewable raw materials was used for printing.
The new product, AppretanA(r) NTR, a water-based textile coating binder developed for applications such as tea bags, coffee filters or capsules, uses a natural, renewable raw material that is widely available near the production site of Lamotte, France, where AppretanA(r) NTR is produced.
"We are pleased that die sustainability of carton board is recognised by both the carton makers as well as brand owners concerned, in both their desire to use a renewable raw material and in its easy recyclability.
Being made from the renewable raw material wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, Lenzing cellulose fibers are contributing to a fair future balance between economic, social and ecological development.
office in Wilmington, Del.), has produced the first samples of polypropylene from 100% renewable raw material. Braskem makes bio-PE from sugarcane fermented to ethanol.
The current recruitment message, delivered in various forms by educational institutions that are members of the Pulp and Paper Education and Research Alliance (PPERA) and others, has several compelling elements, including our renewable raw material base, the recyclability of our products, energy self-sufficiency, our sustainability and advanced technology (see www.cnr.umn.edu/PPERA/).
Jean Bernard Leleu, Roquette's deputy CEO and research innovation development director, says that "This agreement is an excellent opportunity to speed up the development of a new range of starch derivatives, offering a cost-competitive and sustainable alternative to fossil-based polymers." Rhodia Acetow's president Gerard Collette adds: "This JDA will accelerate the launch of new polymers based on renewable raw material, for which the demand is drastically increasing.
A month later, Superior Printing Ink collaborated with NAPIM on developing the draft concept for a broader measure of renewable raw material content, which led to the formation of NAPIM's Eco Task Force.
BASF Corp., Florham Park, N.J., has introduced its first biodegradable plastic based on a renewable raw material. Ecovio contains 45% polylactic acid (PLA) from NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., blended with BASF's Ecoflex biodegradable polyester, which is derived from petrochemicals.
Most recently, Nice-Pak has innovated with the first 100% renewable wipe with Tencel fibers from Lenzing to meet Costco's need for the highest quality product based on a 100% renewable raw material. Kirkland Signature baby wipes appeal to parents because they combine functionality with environmental responsibility.
Polymer blends offer a solution to this problem by combining synthetic and natural polymers in such a way that the renewable raw material constitutes at least 65% of the final formulation.
As part of this new generation of systems, BASF has also developed a foam system based on renewable raw materials. Elastoflex E 3496/102 uses castor oil as a renewable raw material and can be used to produce complex components that are both light and thin with excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.
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