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The repairs completed, old Marheyo gave me a paternal hug; and divesting himself of his 'maro' (girdle), swathed the calico about his loins, and slipping the beloved ornaments into his ears, grasped his spear and sallied out of the house, like a valiant Templar arrayed in a new and costly suit of armour.
The Toolbox uses existing repair knowledge and a database of repair history records can be searched for similar repairs on other aircraft in the fleet, or repairs completed on a specific area of the aircraft.
"We are looking to have the repairs completed as soon as possible.
* Rental cars will be provided for members who do not have repairs completed by the required delivery date.
The work was carried out over three weeks last August when the junction was completely blocked off to trains in a bid to get the repairs completed quickly.
An exception is Number One Broadway, gleaming from a meticulous $2.2 million masonry facade restoration and roof repairs completed last month by contractor C & D Restoration, Inc.
The automaker is offering gift cards if they bring their vehicles into dealerships to have ignition switch repairs completed by December 1, 2014.
The race is now on to get repairs completed and the course back in action before the next meeting.
A Church spokesman said yesterday: "If we can't get the repairs completed before the General Assembly, scaffolding will go up."