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REP DEPReplacement Depot
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National Bank, for Pacific Power and Light Company, for Jefferson Standard Life and at the headquarters for Overseas Replacement Depot in Greenboro, N.C.
Bill Hiron, director of the business based on the Birmingham Road Industrial Estate, said: "It is with deep regret that we have reached this conclusion, but the failure to regain key tendered service contracts, together with significant difficulties in finding a replacement depot site in the Stratford area, have meant that the future of the business is uncertain.
When I recovered I went to a replacement depot, and while waiting for a ride back to my outfit, I became a cook.
WHILE WE WERE STATIONED at a replacement depot in northern Germany, four of us got restless and decided to take a walk in a forest nearby.
From the replacement depot I went to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in Manila and received on-the-job training as a special agent.
Outside Naples, we were located in a replacement depot [where fresh troops were assigned to fill gaps in existing units] on a large dairy farm once owned by a son-in-law of dictator [Benito] Mussolini.
A flight to Italy was arranged, but it led to a narrow escape from assignment to a replacement depot, where they would have been assigned to ordinary combat units.
Fernandez, my father-in-law, served with the 293rd Replacement Company, attached and stationed at the 10th Replacement Depot in Lichfield, England.
The decision to handle paperwork benefited Fernandez in another way: he was not affected when court-martial proceedings were brought against 16 guards and camp officers of the 10th Replacement Depot for allegedly committing crimes against GIs in their care.
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