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RESTRepresentational State Transfer (alternative to SOAP)
RESTRestructured Text
RESTRepresentational Request
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RESTRelief Society of Tigray (Ethiopia)
RESTRestricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (sensory deprivation, floating)
RESTRestricted Electives in Science and Technology (various schools)
RESTRetail Employees Superannuation Trust
RESTRemote Explosive Scent Tracing (filtration analysis)
RESTRapid Emergency Shelter Taskforce
RESTReal-time Embedded Systems Testbed
RESTRapid Entry Systems Technology Corp.
RESTRetrofit Evaluation System Test
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Eventually a widespread standard emerged for this simplistic approach: REST (Representational State Transfer).
with more than 100 representational state transfer (REST) application
Additionally, users may integrate the TeamViewer IoT data by means of a Cloud REST (Representational State Transfer) API in a different system if they need to do so.
These algorithms can be consumed through Representational State Transfer (REST) calls over an Internet connection, allowing developers to use artificial intelligence research to solve problems.
RESTful APIs (Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface) are the software tools stitching together the Internet as we know it today.
* The server supports representational state transfer (REST) APIs called over HTTPS to manage and collect telemetry from devices that run the agent.
These formats are based on the representational state transfer (REST) service protocol, a software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems (i.e., World Wide Web).
Important concepts presented here include the best ways to structure URLs and using the representational state transfer (REST) architectural style.
FHIR is a RESTful (representational state transfer) application programming interface (API), an approach based on modern Internet conventions and widely used in other industries.
That is because a variety of upper-layer protocols such as Representational State Transfer (REST) and Hyper-Text Transport Protocol (HTTP) ride on TCP.
Representational State Transfer) yra alternatyvus architekturinis stilius, skirtas interneto paslaugoms kurti gaunant ir manipuliuojant istekliais su nustatytomis standartinemis operacijomis, tokiomis kaip GET, POST, PUT ir DELETE, bet jis, kitaip nei SOAP, per zinutes neiskviecia potencialiai didelio operaciju rinkinio.
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