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RESTRepresentational State Transfer (alternative to SOAP)
RESTRestructured Text
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RESTRepresentational Request
RESTRelief Society of Tigray (Ethiopia)
RESTRestricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (sensory deprivation, floating)
RESTRestricted Electives in Science and Technology (various schools)
RESTRetail Employees Superannuation Trust
RESTRemote Explosive Scent Tracing (filtration analysis)
RESTRapid Emergency Shelter Taskforce
RESTReal-time Embedded Systems Testbed
RESTRapid Entry Systems Technology Corp.
RESTRetrofit Evaluation System Test
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To facilitate seamless coordination, connectivity, scalability, and integration across different enterprise systems, Omnify rebuilt its entire communication framework based on representational state transfer (REST) services.
The server supports representational state transfer (REST) APIs called over HTTPS to manage and collect telemetry from devices that run the agent.
These formats are based on the representational state transfer (REST) service protocol, a software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems (i.
Important concepts presented here include the best ways to structure URLs and using the representational state transfer (REST) architectural style.
That is because a variety of upper-layer protocols such as Representational State Transfer (REST) and Hyper-Text Transport Protocol (HTTP) ride on TCP.
0 supports Representational State Transfer (REST) and the company said its new Sostenuto RESTful integration framework will deliver tighter and more intelligent integration between IT service desks and critical business processes, common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and financial systems.
For those looking for a simple interface for quick data exchange, a Representational State Transfer (REST) API is also provided.
Approaches to developing Web services tend to fall into one of two camps: SOAP and representational state transfer (RESTful) Web services.
and SalesLogix claim to be Twitter-integrated, with real-time data visibility and triggers via representational state transfer (REST); David van Toor, the public face of Sage's CRM efforts, twitters at @dave_vt.
REST, or Representational State Transfer, implements a Web service by enabling an application to interact with an information source by knowing only its identifier, desired activity, and format of the returned information.
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