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RVERepresentative Volume Element
RVERadio Vocea Evangheliei (Romanian: Radio Voice of the Gospel)
RVERegionalverkehr Euregio Maas-Rhein GmbH (German)
RVERaadio Vaba Euroopa (Estonian: Radio Free Europe)
RVERecharge de Véhicules Electriques (French: Electric Vehicle Recharging)
RVERádio Voz de Esmoriz
RVEReference Vector Equalization
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Similarly, PreCon 2.0 can be used based upon real scanning microtomography images by use of VoxTex, which would result in a representative volume element (RVE) of the desired reinforced building matrix.
Meijer, "Prediction of the large-strain mechanical response of heterogeneous polymer systems: local and global deformation behaviour of a representative volume element of voided polycarbonate," Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol.
Terriault, and V Brailovski, "Density dependence of the superelastic behavior of porous shape memory alloys: representative volume element and scaling relation approaches," Computational Materials Science, vol.
et al., "Compressive Behavior of Representative Volume Element Specimens of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells under Different Constrained Conditions," SAE Int.
Since the constitutive relation of the matrix and aggregates in (11) is linear, it is decomposed into two basic problems, one is that the representative volume element of concrete is subjected by [E.sup.(1)] = 0 and [H.sup.eq(1)] = [H.sup.eq], respectively, the other is that the representative volume element of concrete is subjected by [E.sup.(2)] = E and [H.sup.eq(2)] = 0, respectively
While applying the boundary conditions for the case of flexural response, it has been assumed that a rectangular parallelepiped porous model of a given porosity and pore diameter, henceforth to be referred as a porous beam model, is a representative volume element (RVE) of the portion of the hip implant where that given porosity is going to be introduced in the form of spherical pores in square array distribution pattern.
and Vaidya, R.S., 1996, "Prediction of composite properties from a representative volume element", Composites Science and Technology, 56, pp.
This article is organized as follows: representative volume element (RVE) for honeycomb core material is defined and described in Section 2.
The models with which to model and explore the structure of the micro call RVE (representative volume element).
A three-dimensional representative volume element (RVE) with microscale for the MRE is developed in ABAQUS/Standard and solved by assigning periodic boundary conditions to obtain its macroscopic mechanical properties with no field applied.
A Representative Volume Element (R.V.E.) in the form of a square and hexagonal unit cells are adopted for the present analysis.
By imposing a microcellular representative volume element (RVE) and applying a prescribed deformation, the proposed model will have some of the same limitations as a finite element analysis: the geometry and kinematically admissible displacement field are both prescribed and the displacement may not be a lower bound solution.
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