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They speak of ata and cor sva jo, meaning reproduction and from the beginning, and point toward the south; but no one has a mother.
Seedlings from the same fruit, and the young of the same litter, sometimes differ considerably from each other, though both the young and the parents, as Muller has remarked, have apparently been exposed to exactly the same conditions of life; and this shows how unimportant the direct effects of the conditions of life are in comparison with the laws of reproduction, and of growth, and of inheritance; for had the action of the conditions been direct, if any of the young had varied, all would probably have varied in the same manner.
Now that I have seen many of them again and the rest are familiar to me in reproductions, I am astonished that at first sight I was bitterly disappointed.
He moved in the most intellectual circles: he read Browning with enthusiasm and turned up his well-shaped nose at Tennyson; he knew all the details of Shelley's treatment of Harriet; he dabbled in the history of art (on the walls of his rooms were reproductions of pictures by G.
He made fine and accurate reproductions of a number of his "records," and then enlarged them on a scale of ten to one with his pantograph.
It's here where they realized that the genes associated with CAD were also vital for human reproduction.
Pandian synthesizes more than 972 publications and information from 249 journals to summarize the current understanding of crustacean reproduction and development in all taxa from anostracan Artemia to xanthid crabs.
Despite my conviction that the very concept of childhood was underwritten by thinking about reproduction, I was surprised to discover that "reproduction" does not make a single appearance in any of the published keyword texts.
The hard bound book comprehensively elaborates on all aspects of reproduction in canines in its 15 chapters supported with tables, figures and more than 300 clinical photographs with an idea to improve the proficiency of the Veterinarians in handling canine reproduction.
Key words: black printer, achromatic reproduction, colorimetry
The study shows that a species of rotifer that reproduces both sexually and asexually, Brachionus calyciflorus, opts for sexual reproduction more often in varied habitats than in homogeneous settings, suggesting that varied surroundings may have contributed to the evolution of sex.
The reproduction of color images in an ever-widening array of media is challenging for a variety of reasons.