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ROTRepublic of Texas (biker rally)
ROTRule of Thumb
ROTReign of Terror (band, and also a gaming clan)
ROTRoot of Trust (computing)
ROTRotunda (Portuguese postal usage)
ROTRight on Time
ROTRight on Time (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
ROTTAROM Romanian Air Transport (ICAO code)
ROTRestraint of Trade
ROTRunning Object Table
ROTRate of Turn
ROTRegistered Orthopedic Technologist (American Society of Orthopedic Professionals)
ROTReturn on Talent
ROTRule of Thirds (photography)
ROTRepublic of Turkey
ROTRetention of Title
ROTRose of Tralee (Ireland)
ROTRise of the Triad (video game)
ROTReally Off Topic
ROTRedundant, Obsolete, Trivial
ROTRunway Occupancy Time
ROTRemaining Operating Time
ROTRetailers' Occupation Tax (Illinois, USA)
ROTRedundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROTRecord Of Trial
ROTRemotely Operated Tool
ROTReceive Only Terminal
ROTRise Over Thermal (wireless communication systems)
ROTRight Offensive Tackle (football position)
ROTRehabilitate-Own-Transfer (project/financing arrangement)
ROTRise of Tyrants (online game)
ROTRegistered Option Trader
ROTRequirements Operability Test (US Air Force)
ROTRise of Terror (online game)
ROTRevision of Terms (loans)
ROTRolled on Tube (textile business)
ROTRealms of Thoth (gaming)
ROTReturn on Turnover
ROTResults Oriented Thinking
ROTRadar On Target
ROTRight on Test
ROTReapers of Time (gaming clan)
ROTResource Occupancy Time
ROTResidue Off-Site Treatment
ROTRadar-Only Tactic
ROTReign of Tatooine (gaming clan)
ROTRoyal Operating Table (Crossing the Line Ceremony)
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Chartered in 1845 by the Republic of Texas, Baylor University is both the state's oldest institution of higher learning and the world's largest Baptist University.
In 2015, the GLO fired the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, an organization of women who can prove their ancestry in Texas prior to its annexation by the United States, from day-to-day operations of the Alamo.
Founded by congress, republic of texas, 1839capital contracting office,po box 1088, austin, texas 78767 telephone 512/974-7181october 5, 2016 re: announcement request for statements of qualifications (rfq) for providing professional architectural services: walter e.
Bats of the Republic: An Illuminated Novel makes for an especially striking debut adventure story that features several generations of a family's restless world, but begins in 1843, when a courier must leave his Chicago home to deliver a secret sealed envelope into the wild Republic of Texas.
But just as he's about to propose, his boss sends him on a mission to deliver a letter to a storied general in the embattled republic of Texas.
She was a member of the American Association of University Women, PEO Sisterhood, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Chi Omega sorority and Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, where she sang in the choir.
It might seem odd to premiere the story of the founding of the Republic of Texas in an international setting, but not to Dan Gopal, exec VP of distribution and global partners, EMEA, for ITV Studios Global Entertainment.
In 1793, the first president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, was born near Lexington, Virginia.
1836: The Mexican army laid siege to the Alamo in San Antonio, as part of an effort to retake the territory of Texas - which would declare independence from Mexico as the Republic of Texas a week later, while the siege was still in progress.
Burnet was chosen as the interim president of the new Republic of Texas, and the first vice president was Lorenzo de Zavala.
So I am an official Daughter of the Republic of Texas.
Several chapters are devoted to Texas independence and the formation of the Republic of Texas.
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