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RQMRational Quality Manager
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RQMRequest Message
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RQMRaum-Quanten-Modulation (space-quantum modulation)
RQMRequest Queue Manager
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In response to the heartbeat request message a copy of the same message is sent as response by the receiver side.
* Requesting time slot procedure: As described in the previous section, when a vehicle v needs a time slot to send its data, it will try to select randomly a free time slot among the available ones, and send its request message (SREQ) to the RSU.
NFC mobile or the NFC POS: (1) both the identity (IDNj) and the random number (Rj) are sent to AuC from the NFC devices through the registration request message; (2) the AuC executes the KDF to generate the secret key (Kj) based on the parameters in the request messages; (3) the confirmation message is sent back to the NFC device from AuC; (4) the NFC device executes the KDF function to derive the secret key (Kj).
The architecture of SMAbus.cs is very similar, except there is a function (Build_Message_SMA) which is liable to piece the request messages properly together--in case of SMA devices there are 3 types of commands: system configuration commands, get data and set data commands.
Let [[epsilon].sub.c] and [f.sub.c] denote the size of the request message for clone detection and the frequency of clone detection, respectively.
When a node receive this route request message and it is the destination or intermediate node that contains an intermediate node that contains an unexpired route to the destination, it sends a route reply message to the initiator with route reply for route discovery with a copy of record route from the route request.
On realizing that the SGW has been relocated (from the Path Switch Request message sent by the target eNodeB), the MME sends a C.S.Req message to the target SGW.
When receiving the admission request message from a mobile node, a stationary node will send the access response message and wait for the acknowledgement message.
If the purchase is joint, the request message [m.sub.req], signature [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and related parameters ([i.sub.j], [number.sub.j], [[beta].sub.j]) are sent to the TP.
The sender is configured to send a request message (data frame) to the receiver every 100 ms.
Then the smart card using the user's password generates a login request message and sends the request to the server.
After receiving the login request message from the user [U.sub.i], the BS firstly has to compute the encryption key in order to read the encrypted part of the login request message.