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REQNORequest Number
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All values retained in {[??]} are candidate changes that may indicate participants would like to disclose less information compared with the moment before seeing the request number i; in contrast, the values stored in {[??]} represent the candidate changes in which participants tend to disclose more information before finishing the request number i.
When I cite to the spreadsheet, I pincite the line on the spreadsheet by "Request Number." When I cite to a copy of a letter obtained under FOIA, I pincite to that letter by "Request Letter."
LCD performs better under both topologies because it can reflect the content request number, with each request advancing a new copy of the content one hop closer to the user.
Denote by [L.sup.+] the service request number in the system.
Please provide us your service request number to assist you further in this matter.
Request number two came in March 1940, when a naval operations officer requested a design for the Motor (PT boats) Torpedo Boats, known affectionately as the Mosquito Fleet.
The ECI, one of the main innovations under the Lisbon Treaty, will enable citizens to ask the Commission to present legislative proposals if the signatories to such a request number at least one million.
Customers will also receive an SMS mentioning their request number, which would be a unique reference number for all future correspondence.
For suppliers, the ANL interlibrary loan/document delivery request number (which appears as the TGQ number on LADD) is now very different.
Others on request Number of Juventus v Arsenal red cards (B=Bet365, P=Power): 3-10 none (B), 3 one (P), 14 two or more (B)
This request number is the first byte of the request block.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-5 January 2005-New Zealand telecomms companies request number portability rules(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD