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R/ORole Of (casting/acting)
R/ORemoval Of
R/ORange/Oven (appliance)
R/ORead Only
R/ORinse Off
R/OReverse Osmosis
R/ORegistered Office (UK)
R/OResident Of
R/ORelationship Officer
R/ORepair Order
R/ORule Out
R/ORequest Off
R/ORisk Opportunity
R/ORadio Operator
R/OReceive Only
R/ORough Opening
R/OReporting Officer
R/ORouting Order (freight)
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Legislative leaders took the $168,000 request off today's agenda before the full Legislative Emergency Board, which handles budget matters between sessions.
When the college student contacted my church, she was immediately directed to the Respect Life Committee Chairman, Mary Hartwell, who in turn handed the request off to me.