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RFJRewards for Justice (US State Department)
RFJRing Freiheitlicher Jugend (German: Youth Freedom Ring)
RFJRainforest Foundation Japan
RFJRadio Fréquence Jura (French radio station; Switzerland)
RFJRichard Francis-Jones (Australian architect)
RFJRing for Jeeves (novel)
RFJRadio Free Jericho (CBS drama fan club)
RFJRiders For Justice
RFJRequest for Judgment (Nomic; interactive gaming)
RFJRiders for Jesus (motorcycle ministry; Alabama)
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Judge Wanda Keyes Heard heard arguments Friday on motions by Marcus Taylor and Evodio Hendrix and told attorneys she was considering granting their request for judgment once she learned the plaintiff, Ryan Brown, had not been convicted of possession of a handgun.
In 2012, following a Port Authority request for judgment on the pleadings, District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald found that the EEOC did not supply the information needed to support the claim.
Thus, the court found that "property at the described premises" referred to Streamline's personal property in its office suite and denied Streamline's request for judgment that the period of restoration should be the maximum period under the policy.
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