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RFADRequiem for A Dream (Hubert Selby Jr movie/novel)
RFADRotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland (Germany)
RFADReleased from Active Duty
RFADRiemann for Anti-Dummies
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Disc two features Hubert Selby Jr: It'll Be Better Tomorrow, an in-depth look at the controversial writer who penned Last Exit to Brooklyn and Requiem for a Dream.
Robert Leeman, 27, teacher, Heaton: Requiem For A Dream. It's good because its got an anti-Hollywood ending.
The movie concentrates on youthful Alexander's years at war conquering most of southern Europe and much of the Middle East, a quest he shared with his boyhood buddy and battle mate Hephaestion, played by Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream).
Hubert Selby Jr., author of "Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "Requiem for a Dream," died April 26 of a lung disease.
But you must have forgotten that the Motion Picture Association of America rated Requiem for a Dream NC-17.
It was followed by The Room (1971), the monologue of an imprisoned psychopath and his fantasies of revenge; The Demon (1976), the story of a sexually obsessed executive; and Requiem for a Dream (1978), about the living hell of four drug addicts.
Ellen Burstyn (right), Jennifer Connelly and Marlon Wayans sank into drug addiction in the harrowing Requiem For A Dream. Star Jared Leto was told to avoid sugar and sex for a month to better understand the effects of withdrawal
But he's never been afraid to get that face dirty, in such fare as Panic Room (he gets burned), Fight Club (he gets pounded), and Requiem for a Dream (he loses ...
Requiem For A Dream is the hard-hitting and often gruelling tale of four people whose lives spiral out of control when they become hooked on drugs.
Our winners will be given tickets in time to catch the first film, Requiem for a Dream (18) on Wednesday.
"Chuck and Buck" and "Requiem for a Dream" received five each, while "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai" received one for best feature.