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RIIRouting Information Identifier
RIIRisk Informed Inspection
RIIRevue de l'Ingénieur Industriel (French: Journal of Industrial Engineering; Belgium)
RIIRouting Information Indicator
RIIRemote Ignition Interrupter (monster truck emergency power switch)
RIIRelevant Information and Intelligence
RIIRequired Inspection Item (FAA)
RIIRequest for Intelligence Information
RIIRegistro de Industrias Integradas (Spanish: Registration Integrated Industries)
RIIReform of International Institutions
RIIReinvestment & Infrastructure Initiative
RIIRequired Item Inspection (aviation; FAA)
RIIRequired Item Installation
RIIRéseau International des Ingénieurs (French: International Network of Engineers)
RIIRobinsons Inn, Inc.
RIIReactive Infiltration Instability (geology)
RIIRéseau International Immobilier (French: International Real Estate Network)
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Cumbersome Boiler paperwork which results in multiple filings for burners, fuel storage and the boiler itself can result in confusion at inspection time and result in required inspection items to be missed if paperwork is not coordinated to ensure a "complete" paperwork inspection package.
After completing a nondestructive inspection (NDI) on an MH-65C nose-landing-gear strut assembly, Petty Officer Mitchell went beyond the required inspection items and visually inspected the strut.